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    Design Spotlight: Museum

    Only helps in regular raids not wars so it’s pretty much useless. Is going to make the difference in attacking in both very different as well this will cause you to not know how your troops act in battles being bonuses are different not good for practicing war attacks cuz troops won’t react the...
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    Expedition reward changes

    Yes true you could only earn those from the dock but bet they took them away without notice too.
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    Expedition reward changes

    TinSoldier why wasn’t this advertised as a change once again taking away a beneficial aspect of the game for wars without any warning. The only place where people truly spend huge money is in wars. Now your making it more difficult to participate in them. Come on change this back.
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    Library research

    Agreed this isn’t a big deal and came about like Yemen said after they added more content to the library through updates. Bootney Lee Fonsworth you actually can get decoys in EA. I st rated getting them from the dock rewards after climbing higher in medals. It’s the only way to get them in EA...
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    Library research

    The game is not setup to max everything out before moving up an Age. You should upgrade to each age after offense is maxed to take advantage of the extra workers, wonders, and discounts you can unlock in the library and university. Otherwise your wasting those discounts especially for things...
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    Whats happening with the tactics building?

    Yeah they haven’t fixed this for months and don’t include it in the sticky for known issues for some reason
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    Library research

    dp1310 well I was just saying every once in awhile they do a library research upgrade discount here it is this week. It’s now possible to make those upgrades. I’ll be taking advantage of oil discounts in library for sure this week
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    Donation limit removed?

    They will fix the donation limit again but not the fact that many cannot even be in wars with the chat issues. Maybe just leave the donation limit alone
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    Library research

    The only way to accomplish that upgrade in EA is if there’s a discount to cost of library upgrades. They have not done for a very long time but it does happen about 1-2 times per year. Otherwise you have to wait. It shouldn’t be that way but neither should so many things this game does.
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    NTG odds lower than claimed

    I have got marble every single time I 5 star a Roman base now that I’ve finished the reasearch in the uni. So the 90% started by Tinsoldier is certainly accurate. And the 1% bonus per level in uni is an actual 1% to achieve 100% chance of getting that specific NTG after uni research is done. I...
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    Interested in owning multiple accounts?

    If having multiple accounts was against TOS about 1/2 the player base would be banned. It’s not against any rules and helps to maximize my time playing and trying different approaches to base building. Some accounts can be really focused on offense, or defense, offense and economy. Great to have...
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    Crown offers are just getting ridiculous

    Marco Polo is criminal TinSoldier Ok so how can Nexon and BHG defend the fact that they are charging 300 crowns for 1 ranged siege recruit? I believe it only costs 7 crowns to instantly finish one in your barracks. This I’m hoping is a mistake because if it’s not it borderlines on criminal...
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    Remove the cap of crown from defense kill

    Yeah I think it should maybe cap at 5 instead
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    Statue of Liberty and Transports

    I agree transport is not used a lot now that I’m in higher ages but used to love then in global and early Atomic age. A reduction of 1 space would be great for higher levels maybe not make it an option until CWA
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    WW Stats

    Also things like number of missed attacks in wars is nice to have
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    WW Stats

    On the webpage they somehow have total wins and loses, when alliances were created originally, so I’m sure data is around. Definitely would be nice to have those stats to see. In boom beach there is this page to see the stats of the task force by everyone when joining or just...
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    Revenge mechanics change

    Revenge should not be able to bypass a PT. I send my precious workers out on expeditions to have some in inventory for when I’m saving oil for a huge purchase like the 250K oil I’m going for now.
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    5x5 world wars

    I think this could be a good idea
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    Third Anniversary Global Community Event!

    Well said I would think a gift not a purchase would be in order. Crown sale should be a side note not the reward
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    NTG odds lower than claimed

    Oh the extra ntg almost always seems to be one that your already full on lol. I generally am overflowing with silk it will be the only ntg full in my storehouse. When I’m raiding it’s the extra good probably 75% of the time though.