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    BioRed’s Recruiting New Members!

    We are now in a level 19(!) perk home. 40 strong and at war twice a week. We are particularly interested in anyone playing at 100-250.
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    Redwater looking for new members

    We’ll people! We have Captain Tim onboard and we are now in a new home! We migrated to a peril level 19 alliance and have name changed to the BioRed name we had been using for a while. We are 40 strong and at war twice a week. Shout if you want to join us. Maud’Dib
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    Join International D

    Agreed with above. Search BioRed then send a player over to see if you like the crowd. We have level 12 perks, 66 laws in par
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    Join Ceti Alpha V

    Dreamcatcher. Message me. Logan was talking about making specific channels for topics; war, building, general chat, etc. Not suggesting that the general chat stopped.
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    Redwater looking for new members

    Hi, We were trying to war once a week. Sometimes a n extra one in the week. Like you we got thin and had to try and war with inactive players and carry them. You are right about sitting out. With 15 plus it gets a lot easier to run 10 person wars and have a few people take a rest. Our...
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    Tips on upgrading walls

    I always wait for a discount event and then go hell for leather on walls. Around that time any citizens go on oil resource related upgrades.
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    Join Ceti Alpha V

    Hey, we are looking too. You are more than welcome to send someone over to Redwater. Just look for me, Maud’Dib, if there’s more than one in search.
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    Redwater looking for new members

    Hey, A merge could be a good idea. We have some resources we’ve invested into Parliament. I guess we should compare what we have invested in those types of bonus to see which way people should jump. I think we’d be up for an exchange of players to see if we are a good fit.
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    Redwater looking for new members

    Hey, We are a level 12 perks Alliance with a few regular players. We’re looking for new players of any level to kick start a thriving war band. We are pretty informal and friendly in chat. Not too tight on tules, except that we want people who are happy to war, donate, and generally get...