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    New/Old device-button

    I'd also like to know the answer to this.
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    How can it be?

    This player is now Space Age, but it doesn't update on the leaderboard. They are just spending to get a new account up to Drone.
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    Delete museums of the cheaters if you actually care about your players.

    They should feel the pain and $$ of having to craft a real premium museum. I run two top 100 alliances and these players got 5 artifacts I’ll spend years looking for in mere minutes. It’s nauseating and frustrating as a paying member of your community that you are aware of this and yet take no...
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    DomiNations Sitrep #1

    I don't think there are many debuffs (aka enemy towers, invading fighter) in the university and library, although I haven't done a thorough review. I would assume it would apply to coalitions and council debuffs.
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    DomiNations Sitrep #1

    Please please please don't do this update. Removing the -85% cap is only going to help attackers. Just test this theory out yourself. Create an attacker account with the max Attack Helicopter and Paratrooper boosts in museum/council with the max AEDTD AEDTH and EDST numbers against a defender...
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    Join the Rebel Kings!

    Join the Rebel Kings! New active alliance with experienced players from around the world. Looking to add a few warriors to our awesome team of DA, AA and lower players. We are very generous with troops and like to have fun. We are pretty much unstoppable at war, and like to war b2b. We are...