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    VIP Store Update

    In what world could you possibly think that was a good idea to change so you get the same crap every day? Devs are so out of touch. More likely, it was unintentional, but they don't want to admit fault.
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    Design Spotlight: Combat Rebalance!

    I hope the defense changes only affect war. If you make it nearly impossible to get 5 stars in multiplayer, you will break the economy. Too many things depend on 5* victories like getting diamonds and saving troops.
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    Cost of new legendary artifact

    How convenient for nexon that they don't tell you until you've spent money. Scam tactics, and it's shameful. Tell us the prices up front!
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    Ban the damn cheaters

    That's just a replay issue. Unless you see 13 planes on the map at the same time, it's not cheating, just a visual bug. Been this way for 2+ years..
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    New legendary artifact

    Nexon has no idea how to price things appropriately. $4 for one 1-star artifact is ridiculous. You can literally get that by waiting 30 minutes and have your museum produce that. I'd say that's worth 50 cents
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    Where is the Crown Ship?

    What a downer. I thought they would give us something for free...silly me.
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    New update

    Yes, but if you don't have any to cover the cost, it will be free
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    Supplies and Expeditions

    Nope, not unless you spend crowns to manually cycle the expedition list.
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    What is the largest amount of supplies received by an expedition?

    It's not that simple. La Rochelle takes 3 workers and 43 hours, whereas Rio de Janeiro is 1 worker and 4 hours. You won't be able to do either of them back-to-back, so there is some loss there too. I think La Rochelle comes out to be just a little better, but you need 3 workers. Also keep in...
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    Museum Sale

    I noticed they finally removed the sentence on their "About Us" webpage that read "We believe in play to win, not pay to win". Obviously Nexon no longer cares about being overtly pay to win. Legendary artifacts are without a doubt only pay to win. But at least they removed that statement...
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    Museum Sale

    It was in another currency. Second unlock is around $30 USD.
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    Who already bought the 3 levels of the special sale of the museum?

    It's very dishonest for Nexon to tout and advertise the sale and the legendary artifact, but not disclose the prices until you are already half way down the rabbit hole, or should I say rat hole.
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    Supplies and Expeditions

    Yeah, it's stupid. Way too many researchers and benefactor expeditions for something that you will only upgrade once or twice in your lifetime. Meanwhile, the supplies are incredibly rare, and is needed for any kind of upgrade.
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    Fix Supplies or let Marco trade Researchers for Supplies

    The community has given the details on just how bad things are with regards to museum supplies. We get too many researchers and benefactors, but not nearly enough supplies to upgrade anything. Buff the supply payout, or let Marco have some trades like 10 researchers for 100 supplies. The...
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    Supplies and Expeditions

    If Rio de Janeiro and Kiel were available every day, it would be fine, but they only come up every 2 days.
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    Museum Sale

    Still not enough to upgrade to a level 3 artifact. Still is still a huge deficit of supplies compared to researchers and benefactors. I have enough researchers to upgrade 3 artifacts to level 4, but not enough supplies to upgrade to level 3. It's backwards.
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    How to Choose Our Location at War Map?

    Location on the world map is random and completely meaningless
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    If you've done anything to root your phone (unrelated to any games), you might get this.
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    Please give a week break between the events!

    Would you like to introduce yourself to the community? It would be helpful.
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    Do you want multiple investigations in each character of the university? (Poll)

    The university should not have required workers to begin with. The research times are still way too long on the original leader set, so allowing work on multiple items per leader is the least they could do.