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    Alliance World War History

    It shows all alliances are level 1 in the history (Itโ€™s been like this for a little while now)
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    Big Battle - fresh content idea

    What if we had some giant multiplayer battle every season or so, a month-long event similar to what Rise of Kingdoms does with Kvk (kingdom versus kingdom). Here are my ideas that would be a little different -There are fun, multiple events the week before launch that help lead up to the event...
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    How about some new stuff for past ages too?

    Level 300 is quite a high ceiling for Information Age, especially to someone who just picked up the game. I wonder what percent of the player base has achieved this milestone. Anyway, what if some buildings were released that were l, say, Industrial Age and higher? Or atomic and higher. That...
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    Moon Idea

    Maybe we rework the whole atmosphere :-D
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    lol subtle

    [No message]
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    Moon Idea

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    Moon Idea

    Since we built rockets at this point, what if we worked on a special space shuttle building that took many stages, time and resources to complete. Youโ€™ll need to build a new type of refinery to process your oil into rocket fuel, a new resource. Also, we need some type of fuel to power the moon...
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    Hi all

    Hewwo :o !!
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    What are you saving up for with Legendary tokens?

    I doubt anyone is close unless if they bought a bunch of chests which had legendary tokens in the sale but what are you looking to eventually get? I think Iโ€™d like an item that speeds up university research (I forget the name)
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    General Eisenhower and Zhukov Rebalance

    Good job on Eisenhower! Zhukov I think was ok but still nice to see the effort
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    Hi all

    Hi Yassinou :)
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    gaining XP?

    Upgrade your buildings! Save some crowns until you unlock the second slot at the armory and the library so you can upgrade more stuff. Level up roads for a lot of early Exp up to around Industrial Age roads. Avoid the university as it gives no Exp. Research in the library and armory too. Good luck!
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    The 400 crowns was nice!

    Btw I already have oil artifacts and I donโ€™t really run out of oil any more. The gold and food are far more useful at this point for walls & upgrades
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    The 400 crowns was nice!

    That was quite a bit of crowns. I guess it was due to server instability over the weekend. Anyway, I have been trying to reroll this last line for food and finally managed it with those crowns. Thanks, Nexon/BHG!
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    Stupid luck

    No Title
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    Stupid luck

    stupid GOOD luck! Opened up 4 conquerorโ€™s chests and got these . Wel it doesnโ€™t seem to be taking the picture but the VZ-9 Avrocar and Sword of Goujian. 4% and 11% chances wow!
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    Another Free Tizona Sword!

    ๐Ÿ—ก do the event this week ๐Ÿ—ก
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    Free Tizona Sword legendary artifact

    Glad u got it โ˜บ๏ธ
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    Free Tizona Sword legendary artifact

    At Marco Polo. 14 hours left. Youโ€™re welcome