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    In app purchases no longer work

    The biggest bug ever! In app purchases have stopped working. Made several purchases over the past week, got billed and never recrived anything in game. A week of endless run around by support in game asking me to provide screenshots then asking the same questions over and over was enough. No...
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    Buy Offers Taken Away too soon

    Dear Nexon if you are going to offer stuff for players to buy stop taking the offer away long before the stated timer expires! Im referring to the Christmass offers that were up for sale but the tomers said two days remaining. Bait and switch BS!
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    1.5 million per event?

    They spam infants or other low train time troops to one star a base 300,000 times through event pass.
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    Here we go again....

    Personally I counted over 100 server disconnects. Multiple networks tried too from mobile network, personal wifi, public wifi, and even vpn. merry christmas from nexon i guess....
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    report game problem in one post& share your idea.

    so you create yet another post to complain about too many posts and expect devs to read the mashup off hundreds of bugs? LOL
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    🏹🏹Aragon Archers 🏹🏹

    only perk 14 and an inactive co lead? youve been around long enough you should be close to perk 16. no thanks
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    Inbox problems

    Yeah why is it? Its been 7 months and STILL there are nexon messages from 500 days aho in my inbox. Find a way to clean it up but without introducing a dozen new bugs!
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    Videos now broken

    So retrain got fixed but now videos are broken. No way to get daily rewards or free retrain. Marco, museum, daily rewards, retrain all reportting Unable to retrieve video. Way to go Nexon👏👏👏. Next week can you please break the ability to play the game as designed?
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    Retrain in 9.1 is FORBIDDEN

    Because the mods take a week to approve a post. About as long as it took fix bugs
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    SunTzu research

    does nexon ever think things through? NO Sone alrwady have home reaearched and maxed out......the coin whales....which is all Nexon cares about. Forget the retrain bug, bunker 8 spawning mk1, targetting issues with HTs and aircraft....etc that all were purposely introduced in 9.1 no legit game...
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    Bunkers level 8 spawning mk1 heavy ranks (AIAge)

    jeez this game is so broken now. they wont fix any of this mess until next update in 90 days
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    Retrain in 9.1 is FORBIDDEN

    The title says it all. Retrain is now forbidden via retrain button or vip/video retrain. This massive bug rolls the game back to the old retrain way pre version 5
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    9.1 Bugs

    Retrain button gone if you donate to allies. NEXON ARE YOU LISTENING? 9.1 has game breaking issues!!!
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    9.1 Bugs

    9.1 was also supposed to move the Parliment laws summary screen into the Parliment instead of force feeding to tou at every login but that never happened. In all the years Ive played this game I have never seen a bigger mess of an update than this one. Jammed a whole bunch of flashy new content...
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    Templars Reborn: 100+ laws, parliament cannon, speed ups, etc

    well if you guys would actually resond in discord you might actually get people to join. me and several wanted join. tried joining your discord server tried communicaring but got zero response. clearly you are inactive
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    9.1 Bugs

    really? i found a bunch of game killing bugs in the first hour. 1) dead zones on map caused by snow prevent building placement 2) ht shoots over wall when targetting bastion 3) tactic used in mp not showing in retrain window 4) troops being retrained are killed off when offline 5) tapping on...
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    Next update

    Its here. and what a shocker. i found dozens of major bugs from targetting issues related to bastion nerf to tropp retrain bug causing troops to be lost to large dead zones on map because of snow which prevents buildings from being placed. everything was reported to support only to fet the...
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    New Server Security.

    Hell you cant even battle certain players because the 9.1 update is out but only for select just says cant load base. please update. as expected the new update is already busted beyond belief. even the servers broke.
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    Next update

    Taking bets it will be a hot mess of game killing every other "update"