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  1. TitaniumNinja12

    VERY DISAPPOINTING in Gender issues...

    Looking back at it, the post looks like a feminist rant
  2. TitaniumNinja12

    5* attack cheat is back (solid proof)

    Guys! Think! The longer the cheaters exist, the more we talk about them. The more we talk about them, the more website traffic the forum gets. The more traffic the forum gets, the more money Nexon makes! It's all so obvious!
  3. TitaniumNinja12

    Cold War 6.0 Update

    Its more money for thier greedy asses
  4. TitaniumNinja12

    New idea for world war

    Sounds fun! I support this :rolleyes:
  5. TitaniumNinja12

    [BUG] You acn take control of your alliance members' library?!

    That explains why my shipping research never finished
  6. TitaniumNinja12

    Night Witch (etc) Building purchase

    What so you can steal my oil?
  7. TitaniumNinja12

    Alliance xp points already bugged

    Just like when you click on the store tab it will show you have 999 million of each resource for 0.1 seconds It's not a bug just hasn't loaded in yet
  8. TitaniumNinja12

    Extended the oil discount for another 24 hrs

    Why does it seem that everyone despises Apple?
  9. TitaniumNinja12

    All ready found a bug in viewing friendly challenges from war map screen. Be careful!

    Wow another bug When will Nexon get their S**t together?
  10. TitaniumNinja12

    Training troops while upgrading barracks

    Im pretty sure that's not a bug but intended for war
  11. TitaniumNinja12

    Hateful harassing player being protected by CS

    That name tho... In all seriousness he should be banned big time
  12. TitaniumNinja12

    League Ship Skins

    I want mine to look like the Flying Dutchmen
  13. TitaniumNinja12

    Gifting of resources.

    It's funny how on COC if you request this it will supposedly "throw the game out if proportion" But here on DomiNations, it's just what the game needs
  14. TitaniumNinja12

    Wolf Blessing: 7 Day Expiration

    Why don't you make it 14 days? more wolves>>more gold>>walls upgraded faster>>more positive feedback from the community
  15. TitaniumNinja12

    "Colonization" Mechanic that Adds New Nations Over Time

    This would most likely turn Nexon from a measly million dollar company into a possible MULTI million dollar company if only they listened to us 😔
  16. TitaniumNinja12

    Nexon, listen to your players!!

    When will Nexon realize we are the people who are giving their paycheck to them by buying to their sales and scams
  17. TitaniumNinja12

    Elephant archer sale...guess nobody listens

    Would you look at that gone since December and am seeing this game go slowly down the drain
  18. TitaniumNinja12


    Cheese Factory Marble Machine Salt Filter Silk Weaver Porcelain Assembly Timber Mill Scroll Maker Tea House
  19. TitaniumNinja12

    What's so Atomic about Atomic Age, Nexon?

    If atomic bombs are added Japan will automatically become the best nation out there then! Even better than the Brits Also some history, Nevada has had more Nukes detonated in it than Japan but those were only tests...