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    What are you saving up for with Legendary tokens?

    Name you are looking for is Enigma machine. i am collecting for ASDIC. 🥰
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    WW Attack

    Not sure how this would practically work if an Alliance had say 30 InfA bases and get matched with an Alliance with say 5 CWA bases. Such limitation does not make sense IMHO. But I do agree the WW attack, matching and winner rules needs an overhaul.
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    Suggestion for War Search

    Dear BHG: Currently the war search in 30 v 30 category takes a very long time and on a few occasions close 8hrs sometimes. While you can optimise the search algorithm and reduce it there is one easy way to reduce the wait time by ....... Give us an option to search for a war in advance before...
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    New Training times should be default

    Hi Nexon, The anniversary celebration related boosts for training (tactics and airstrip) are exactly what it should be as default. It allows us to play more and attack more which I suppose is in your vested interest as well :-). Can you please make this the default training times after the event...
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    Dear Santa...

    😂😂😂! Santa no hear but I love the fake Santa !
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    APC after University upgrades

    Interesting.... I loved APCs but have been paratrooping and zooking now a days. I feel they(APC) will go nicely with my paratroopers. The amount of research for APC in full upgrade is huge.... University leader (2 of them) one for deployment troop count and another for HP. All three Barracks...
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    APC after University upgrades

    Has anyone tried attacking with the full APC upgrades from university and armoury? I was expecting APC to be back into everyone’s arsenal but havent seen it yet so was wondering. The interesting changes which I though would help APC back was 3 additional troops being deployed and APC health...
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    Confirmations of coalitions

    But first remove the dumb confirmations in so many other places like museum, after a successful attack etc. It just takes ages to do a dummy attack now :-)
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    Information Age Wonders

    I pity the coders and designers of Nexon who worked on the other wonders....
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    Maxed out walls! and scams

    Dont know about hacks but I am around the same level as you and got my walls maxed the standard way during the discount event and the regular event coincided. It took about 10 days.
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    Plane paths explained

    Have you not come across this scenario: Double click on the same building to send 2 fighters on their way and they take a different path to the destination. Never been able explain that to myself.
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    Recon MK Plane bonus damage...

    Would AEDTH affect the health of air defence building ? I was under the impression that air def is not a ‘Tower’
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    Notre dame

    I was wondering why the folks who have Notredame dont use it like an indestructible wall. Most times it is kept to the side where it is useless. I dont have one so just wondering if it was not being used to its full potential. In effect it should be like having 3 additional wall units.
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    Alliance and World Wars

    Without WW the game would be farmville!
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    6 Stars per Town in WW

    Surviving troops is immaterial and hardly a consideration in WW attacks.
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    6 Stars per Town in WW

    All Defensive buildings destroyed is a great idea for the new milestone.
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    Co-leader/ leader

    I feel the pain of the OP and find the CS ( lack of) response very disconcerting. But Why not join another Good alliance and have fun. Control your destiny.
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    6 Stars per Town in WW

    Suggestion: In a war right now we have 5* as max that can be got from an attack. I suggest that you expand this to 6* with the additional one for 90% destruction. Reasoning: There is a huge difference between 75% destruction and 100% destruction. It is possible to get a 3* easily on tough...
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    Collateral Damage for Bombers

    Fighters are more precision oriented that is why I didnt think so.... you assign a specific target to them. While as bombers are more ‘carpet bombing’ :-). But I agree it should be considered.
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    Civilisation name in Defence list

    Another request for a feature.... @Nexon: Can you please add the name of the civilisation in the list of opponents who have attacked your base? This way collecting specific NTGs will become easier as I can do a revenge attack :-). Right now I just ignore them snd thank them for the crowns!