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    November Legendary Token Calendar

    Why not just make them all for sale at the same time. Instead of having to wait an entire year for the one you want to roll around
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    DomiNations Sitrep #4 - The Manufactory

    What is going on with the dominations victory bonus? I’m getting barley 200k per victory when used to get millions. Making getting loot extremely time consumer
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    DomiNations Update 12.0 - Automation Age

    What’s going on with the dominations victory bonus. At 4.5k medals the bonus is terrible. Used to get millions per victory now like maybe 100k
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    Legendary Token Calendar: June

    Any idea when Davinci flying machine will rotate back?
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    Better MM for world war

    The last few months having been brutal for my alliance. While we have a few players in the cold war age none are anywhere close to being maxed out. The 4-5 of us are around 225-240, and the rest of our war group are atomic age and below. We are constantly matched against a full 10 man cold...
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    Wolrd war chests underwelming.. Marco Polo as well

    While I appreciate Nexon trying to give more rewards/benefits for participating in world war, lets be honest.. speed ups, wall manuals, trade goods are some of the most useless things in the game.. anything less than 5 days to anyone at or above global age are pointless. Trade goods are...