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    "Under Attack" not really....

    Under attack please try again!! bug Been getting this message a lot lately when trying to start the game. Maybe a server problem or am I just a good target? Anyway - the bug is that if this message pops up there is no way to properly exit the game. The back button doesn't work. The only way...
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    [RESOLVED] Another multiplayer bug

    No, the issue has disappeared with the update. Looks as if the Nexon team has been able to get on top of it. Good on em. Now back to enjoying the game. It still occasionally crashes in the middle of a multi-player battle, though I suspect the issue is something to do with the increased...
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    [RESOLVED] Another multiplayer bug

    Frustrating? For 3 or 4 days now I've not been able to attack (Nexus5 just hangs on the load screen), at the same time other players appear to be able to attack me with impunity. And the only evidence I get is a steadily reducing medal count (and associated lost resources). And the...
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    Fix the multiplayer attack mechanics before it is too late

    What patch? Has there been an update? Not yet received on my device...(Nexus 5)