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    Price gouging for estate differs for each player

    Why am I being charged $70 Canadian for this new estate when I read everyone else is being charged $50 ... even when converting the currency from different nations- I'm still being charged $20 more I would like an explanation
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    Estate Feedback Thread (Merged)

    It pisses me off to think that you've been offered the house / estate for $50. But I am offered it for $70?!? Its bAd enough it's being charged. But worse that I am being asked to pay $20 more.
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    Luxury Estate bug

    Can someone explain to me why the price offered to me for the luxury house is $20 more than my other teammates - even ones that live in Canada? $50 vs $70... Not cool
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    "Sparta or Death" Recruiting

    Are you guyz still recruiting? I'm a daily player looking to join an active alliance.