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    Nothing random about troop chests

    Thanks for the clarification. That’s a far simpler explaination than I got from customer services ;-)
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    Nothing random about troop chests

    Apologies if this has already been reported, I have been through previous posts but couldn’t find anything on it. So my issue is that troop chests are suppose to return a random selection of troops. The problem is that they are all identical. Not just the ten chests I bought and opened, but also...
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    First thoughts on the museum?

    I use sabs all the time. Correctly deployed they can make a massive difference
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    First thoughts on the museum?

    Most or the items are useless, but a few are actually pretty good (assuming the boosts actually work). It’s an ‘ad infanitum’ building, the developers can keep throwing new items into it whenever they feel like it, so it certainly has possibilities.
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    Chat issue workaround

    Here’s a better chat workaround, it’s called Groupme and it’s a helluva lot more stable than nexon
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    Uncle Marco is here, and he's got some goodies for us

    Festivus, that implies that someone at Nexon actually reads
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    Museum artifact perk question

    In fairness to Shukras question, how do you make a 1% increase on fur/leather. I think the answer is actually just ‘No’
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    Nexon when are you going to fix the broken chat?

    I’m starting to think that the employee they put in charge of in game chat got accidentally reassigned to mopping floors, and they’ve just not found anyone else at the company who knows how it works.
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    Design Spotlight: Museum

    I for one like the museum. Yes most of the artefacts are a waste of space and I spend more time hitting the ‘sell’ button than anything else, but one or two have decent benefits. Would I swap it for having the chat and wars fixed? In a heartbeat
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    Love number 2, but you gotta know it’ll never happen. These guys are still trying to figure out what happened to the chat, they’re not even sure which way is up
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    Nexon when are you going to fix the broken chat?

    This is driving everyone insane now. My suggestion, and I suspect it’s what Nexon are hoping players do so they don’t actually have to fix it, is to move chat to ‘group me’ or a similar platform. Just use in game chat for requests and challenges
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    The "Road to Better World War Matchmaking" thread has been deleted completely.

    It would have to be a three day wait to make it worse than the current system, which ties up the alliance for two days anyway. In all likelihood a suitable match would be available within 24hrs, which would be far better than the current situation. They’re losing alliances hand over fist at the...
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    Uncle Marco is here, and he's got some goodies for us

    Same here. Going to wait until they sort this out before opening any more, assuming they ever do
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    Uncle Marco is here, and he's got some goodies for us

    I find it bizarre that they’ve put so much rubbish in some of the crown chests. Who is going to risk 400 crowns when the odds are you’ll win 2 cider, 2 fur and 2 metal?!?! You can keep that one Nexon, thanks but no thanks
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    Status of chat repair

    Did the latest update yesterday and now chat is an complete train wreck. We’ve just had posts pop up from nine days ago. Starting to think it’s time to move the chat to another platform and just use the in game chat for donations (assuming they sort out the bugs with that)
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    Do Cheaters Get Banned/Punished/Slapped On The Wrist Successfully? I'm Just Wondering

    I think they’ve given up even reading these posts, let alone doing anything about them. The game is dying on its knees and they’ve clearly no idea how to deal with it. They’ll keep it going whilst it pays the bills, but the fact that they’ve just introduced extremely dodgy legal clauses to avoid...
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    War matchmaking is killing my alliance and this game

    Feel your pain Fozzy. We’ve had a fairly good run of late with just the odd severe mismatch, although that seems to be happening more frequently now. It is, without doubt, the biggest issue with the game. I wish I had an answer for you, but all anyone can say is that it’s fracked up. I really...
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    So when do you think the museum will be available?

    Shortly after hell freezes over, looks like the programmers have all done a runner. Nexon is a dead stick as far as this game is concerned. Pity.
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    Do Cheaters Get Banned/Punished/Slapped On The Wrist Successfully? I'm Just Wondering

    I’m guessing by the lack of response from Nexon that the answer to your question is no, or possibly ‘our analysis are currently investingating this issue’. Basically they either don’t give a toss or they have no programmers competent enough to do anything about it. They stuck their heads where...
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    Donation limit removed?

    Every single time these guys roll out something new it’s full of glitches. I’m beyond the point of being surprised