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    Flag of shame

    Interesting idea though I think cheaters should just be banned immediately; there seems to be quite a large influx of cheaters these days.
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    Abitly to lock base layout to prevent accidentally moving stuff

    I agree, there are times when its very easy to accidentally move a wall piece without realising it and suddenly you end up with a hole in your base (sometimes literally). Traps as well and worse is sometimes you accidentally move them somewhere and end up not being able to find them.
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    Minor Peace Treaties (especially regarding Empire league and/or Atomic Age+ players)

    Yes, I have to admit I generally like to check up on my attackers because most of the time they will be a much higher level than me; I would not be looking to defeat them but more to go in and farm them :) It's when I entered the Empire league that I found that the majority of my attackers...
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    Minor Peace Treaties (especially regarding Empire league and/or Atomic Age+ players)

    Thanks for reading and your comments, always hear views from a different perspective. While I agree empire league victory chests are not enough (I personally do a lot more farming in order obtain the resources needed) I still maintain from personal experience TC exposure is a popular strategy...
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    Commandos are way too powerful for being such an inexpensive innocuous looking unit.

    Sorry but are commandos vulnerable to landmines at all? I didn't think they set off traps except the decoy trap?
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    How to gain xp fast.

    Absolutely awesome advice, thanks for sharing
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    Minor Peace Treaties (especially regarding Empire league and/or Atomic Age+ players)

    I believe the duration of minor peace treaties needs to be reviewed and modified accordingly. As is commonly known, most players in Empire league are basically after stars for the victory chest and as such, constant game play may not be needed as much as when in lower leagues when you have to...
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    Android Not Loading

    Thanks TinSoldier for the help in expediting this but know that as a result of this outage, I daresay at least half the the population has been severely inconvenienced. While I don't know the reason behind this outage, I do notice there has been a large amount of bugs entering the populace...
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    Transport Plane Bug when deploying on edge of Map.

    I also reported this to support and because of this bug, I lost the battle as well as all my troops. Despite this, no compensation was offered. Didn't know what caused it but now that I know its due to deployment near the edge, I'll refrain from doing that.