• World War Matchmaking Downtime
    Earlier today (4/12) World War Matchmaking was inaccessible, we apologize for this inconvenience. As of 1pm EST you can claim 250 Crowns and 5x 1h Speed Ups as compensation, this must be claimed within 5-days.

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    Videos for retraining, daily rewards, and marco polo do not work

    I had the same 3 months ago and was without them for a further 2 months, they came back eventually sometimes they worked sometimes they let me watch 1 video. Mine are ok now tho. CS blamed there video outsourcing web site and told me to contact them, I did but they never got back to me. But like...
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    Retrain all button vanishing.

    I have had similar since the update. After a we attack the instant retrain was there but I filled a alliance member with troops rather than doing instant retrain then went back to retrain and instant retrain had disappeared. I closed and opened the game but it still didn't return, very...
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    Veterans benefit - write your account age here

    Jan 15 262 DA for only 1 week and hate it more than I did in SA after DA arrived. Dec 16 222 CW and never going SA. Feb18 EA 117 my fun base maxing uni before going up
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    You know what would be nice?

    I have been matched against the same opponent in multiplayer within 2 hours 2 times now it happens
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    War Matchmaking Iteration

    Very well put. I concur.
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    Tired of too many re-balances, please guide me to the best strategy

    I'm a ht army as well yes boring but it allows continues constant attacking. I try to avoid base's with traps unless it's a rushed base then you no there weak. I don't need troop tactic, gens or mercs just the odd first aid in multiplayer. Base's 220 to 260 are my normal targets I'm 267. 6...
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    Google rating 1 star

    We should all on here, discord, Facebook members and are alliance members rate the game to the minimum 1 star in protest till they put there priority's into fixing all the bugs. I'm shore if there rating went down with no new members joining it would force them to prioritize fixing the game over...
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    Training Blessings not working

    And although barrack troops times are cut it's not by the correct amount
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    Training Blessings not working

    Same here. Nice 3 hours wait to retrain barracks seem to be ok though
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    I didn't explain to well the no was no you don't have to upgrade Armoury
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    Watching videos glitch

    Back to not able to watch them again.
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    War replays not working?

    We can't watch shared replays either it doesn't move off the load up screen just freeze's
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    War attacks not showing up

    Same here 7 attacks over 2 alliances not showing up, I still can't watch movies or do instant retrain, I couldn't add offencive coalitions after the war started either now. The game is broken please please please do not roll out dynasty age just fix what is going on now.
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    No factory troops will upgrade without upgrading your Armoury
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    Watching videos glitch

    Looks like the movie's are working again at least on one of my base's Il try the other later
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    Watching videos glitch

    I ment no instant retrain
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    Watching videos glitch

    I can only do 1 video then the same message. Plus I have instant retrain
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    New bug

    Possibly a new bug I cannot do instant retrain, watch the gift movies, or the free movies in Marco and haven't been able to for 3 days. The movies I can put up with but it's the 24k oil every war that I can't keep doing any help appreciated as th ​​​​​​e normal response from cs
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    Device requirements for the game

    I have a Google pixel 2 with no problems of lag or replays in wars SA level 257
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    Can’t find my alliance

    Yes there is a 24 hour rule