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    Earlier today (4/12) World War Matchmaking was inaccessible, we apologize for this inconvenience. As of 1pm EST you can claim 250 Crowns and 5x 1h Speed Ups as compensation, this must be claimed within 5-days.

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    Supply Drop Event!

    Yeah, this is a little insane, I have 14 helicopters I can drop on someone. I guess I'll just hold on to those until the next time I'm up against a ridiculously sandbagged alliance.
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    The very reason why replays are different.

    I haven't witnessed it myself. I'll try to take notes on the next few attacks I make but if this is true and defenders are spawning from different places during the replay this would absolutely cause the difference. I just commented in another thread about this but it bears repeating here. It's...
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    most replays still different than report

    To expand on this a bit. The game is only sending your clicks to the server, and the server is only sending the clicks back to your or your opponents device. All of the calculations are done on each device. We've probably all seen strange AI behavior like troop stuttering. All it takes is for...
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    Gold not being credited for elephant event

    I haven't checked myself yet. I know one of our Alliance members noted this last night. I'll record my attack over my lunch break in a few hours and let you know what I'm seeing.
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    Reduce university skills lvl requirement

    University design is just sloppy to begin with and needs a complete over haul. 10% off Tower upgrade costs for a 5.5m 55 day investment. Who is going to need this for anything by the time they actually finish it. Pause, who even needs this to begin with?
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    Quick question about national trade goods

    Games do this because this guy named Skinner determined that mice get more excited by a "variable schedule of rewards." We've since determined that this is also true for humans and game companies have been exploiting it for years. Game companies know the theory works but forget about negativity...
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    The inherent design issue of new expedition

    For real, I have a level 2 dock and I already regret it. My only question right now is if it's worth it to upgrade to 4 for the general bonus or just accept that I f'd up and leave it at 2.
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    Settings-Customer Service-sent me here

    Tell Customer service the forums sent you back to them. We all agree that we're sick of seeing this pop up. If there's a discount, sure go ahead and advertise it to me. I'm already very much aware the estate is 49.99 though, I can very clearly see that in the stop.
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    For those of us who really do not want Atomic age yet....

    I really hope there is some thought being put into going back and adjusting all the previous ages to go a bit faster. With the giant worker jump in Global I'm a bit fearful I'm going to lose my patience by the time I get there. I understand wanting new content to take awhile to work through but...
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    Recorded 5* attack, not registered

    Not that I don't believe you, but since you mentioned it, link to the vid? Just curious.
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    The inherent design issue of new expedition

    I had an epiphany on this in another thread. I really need something for 2 workers to do between mine/tree cool downs but it just feels too big of a waste leaving them completely idle. My dream was expeditions would solve this problem but as currently implemented they are an even bigger waste...
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    While you're working on things fix the cannon AI.

    I'm sure we'll never get it but I'll certainly get behind the idea of platoons. Being able to group different task forces onto one flag would be a huge blessing. For whatever reason click and hold to deploy troops almost never works on my phone.
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    Fyber in-game crown offers not paying out.

    Have they said what is proof? I decided to try out the home chef promo. (30 bucks for 3 meals for 2 is a pretty fair price if the quality turns out ok +5k crowns) However I didn't receive credit and this one is too big to let slip by. Since the funds were actually taken out of my account last...
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    While you're working on things fix the cannon AI.

    The AI needs some love all around. tired of loosing a dozen archers because they decided they needed to make their own hole out of the base and just stood there shooting walls while they slowly get slaughtered by one enemy unit.
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    This got to be a record... Network Crashes

    I finally got to feel everyone's pain. I've been pretty stable up until last night. I had close to 10 hard disconnects while doing raids in about a 3 hour period. Thankfully I was just farming or any of these would have been session halting.
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    Suspected cheating!

    Thanks, I don't think any of the players with them last war ended up attacking so they might have just been idle bases with event troops like S_how suggested. Although a visual glitch is still possible since I've seen them in the last 3 wars now so it might have been something introduced with a...
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    Suspected cheating!

    Where does having planes in your barracks on your war base layout during the GP age fall into this?
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    Fyber in-game crown offers not paying out.

    I'll have to start contacting support I guess I've done about 7 mobile offers with out getting a reward, I just waited and now that they aren't in the listing I'm not sure what the requirements were. The surveys are crap, I've had one pay out after "enter valid e-mail/information" I've...
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    Something should be done about saving merc troops.

    While this would be nice I think it devalues the term "mercenary." That being said I just accidentally deployed my mercs instead of my alliance troops to clean up a base and don't have any workers for another day to replenish for war. fml.
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    Server maintenance now...yeaaAaahhhh..in the middle of war....coooooooollllllll

    Shh, it takes us years to train humans for the army, we're going to end up with 2 hour training time on archers and inf. For real though, having one of my healing carts taken out by a spike trap is a great way to get me to end my playing session.