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    Earlier today (4/12) World War Matchmaking was inaccessible, we apologize for this inconvenience. As of 1pm EST you can claim 250 Crowns and 5x 1h Speed Ups as compensation, this must be claimed within 5-days.

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    Strategy & Conquest 6.5 Update

    And the museum pieces are getting a jumble. Just when I thought I had a plan..... pottery type item with +1 missile silo damage, and other attack bonuses. Jewelry item with defense bonuses. Mixing it up - keeping us on our toes.
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    Strategy & Conquest 6.5 Update

    So, built level one Archive. Speed-ups are between 5 minutes and 5 days. Higher levels available with higher level archives. At the moment, no way offered to purchase in the store or through the archive. Will be on the look out for how these are earned.
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    Another museum bug - stealing oil...

    TinSoldier Still waiting for an acknowledgement of this bug. The game still takes the oil out of my inventory when putting into the vault. Why is the Vault value not remaining at the elevated level? Why are we not able to collect the interest on the deposited oil value at the time of...
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    War Algorithm

    No Title Feeling your pain. Our last war we heavily outweighed our opponents, and it was not fun, but as an alliance we did take our first 100 star 20v20. Now, this is our current matchup... I’m including the lower 5 so you can see we actually use sandbags, literally.... and still this is what...
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    Another museum bug - stealing oil...

    It does not reappear in my oil refinery account. It’s just lost in the game, showing back up when you put the jug in the slot again. When you put money in a vault, it ALL should be there. Not dependent on the color of the shirt you’re wearing that day. And without that base, the interest is...
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    Another museum bug - stealing oil...

    TinSoldier Museum vault conundrum: So here is the kicker. I can manipulate the oil to deposit the higher level, (in my case it was 12538) but then switched to a different jug to get better oil well production and saw only 12238 in my vault. My base oil stayed the same, so I didn’t get the...
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    Supplies anyone?

    A conspiracy theorist would suggest they were using the supplies to try to help lower ages battle the higher ones. I have noticed the difference as well between IA and AA accounts.
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    Multiplayer Battles provide Museum Resources:Supplies instead of Mysterious Fragments

    The fun is them “offering” 3 purchases of chests at $75 each. Fun for them to count the money.
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    Multiplayer Battles provide Museum Resources:Supplies instead of Mysterious Fragments

    Supplies.... SUPPLIES..... SUPPLIES..... WHAT!! $75 for a 60%chance at 1000 supplies!!! Seriously???? WHERE are the Supplies? We need more supplies..... more boats with 100s instead of 10s of supplies. I’ve got 3 trip options, all for benefactors....... WHAT??? supplies...
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    Nice Edition. BUT what’s up with the scarcity of supplies. TinSoldier Can you find a way to increase the availability of Museum Supplies? I can’t unlock anything without them, even though i have hundreds of explorers and benefactors. Perhaps offer 100 or 200 supplies exploration reward for 1 or...
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    Design Spotlight: Museum

    I’m very happy with the museum, but honestly you are killing it with the supplies needed. Why is it that i can do an expedition to get 112 explorers of which i need 200 to unlock a level, but I RARELY get an exploration, or league bonus, or chest with any substantial number of supplies of...
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    Third Anniversary Global Community Event!

    I have not yet seen the crown sales. Anyone notice them yet?
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    Third Anniversary Global Community Event!

    Has anyone been offered the crown sale? It says on my flash page that this is a limited time event, but I haven’t had the offer yet. Perhaps I just need to give it a day.
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    CWA able to attack GA

    Glad I happened upon this thread. Will Stay industrial and max out for a bit - then go global.atomic ASAP. Hard enough being industrial and getting base clobbered by global aircraft. Can’t imaging there is much rest as a global now.