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    Earlier today (4/12) World War Matchmaking was inaccessible, we apologize for this inconvenience. As of 1pm EST you can claim 250 Crowns and 5x 1h Speed Ups as compensation, this must be claimed within 5-days.

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    Can't load into the game at all

    I am using ipad air at the moment, every other game works fine except this one. Also, @ShadyLion, I can not load the game at the moment, the game simply crashed in the loading screen no matter how I reinstall the game, reboot the device, it simply doesn't let me play the game. How can I create a...
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    Can't load into the game at all

    Is it because of my game center account? If I change my account is it equivalent to reseting everything?
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    Can't load into the game at all

    For some reason, it seems to be exclusive to my account where the game does not load past 25% of the loading screen before it crashes. My ipad air and iphone 4s which playing on the same account are both experiencing the same issue. I've tried rebooting, reinstalling and nothing is working right...
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    not loading

    I am using an ipad air and iphone 4s and just of today, the game does not load past the loading screen, it simply crashes after 25%. Tried everything, rebooting, reinstalling, none of the two aforementioned devices can load the game.
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    Doesn't the wonder Angkor Wat provides this effect?
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    Enable trading of goods between allies/ Public Market system

    I agree, since trade good impact the game much less than resources do, I guess trades should be limiting to trade goods only, otherwise, trades related to premium currency or resources can easily be exploited.
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    DomiNations Dev Team Q&A -- Calling All Fans!

    Why are there trade goods when you are not given the option to trade with anybody?
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    DomiNations Dev Team Q&A -- Calling All Fans!

    When the game gets to Space Age, the walls would be destroyed very easily in reality, what is your plan?
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    tips for beginners

    I personally like to upgrade everything before moving in Age, also I have noticed that once I attacked a player in gunpowder age and I was classical, at the beginning the loot available was somthing like 70000 gold and 70000 food, but when I raided all the resources, I received 90000 gold and...
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    DomiNations! Community Wikia project

    Glad to help out.
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    reduced wait times

    I think the developers should work on creating more events and options (frequently updated) for players with respectable amount of rewards when the players do not have any workers to play with or when it is taking ages for them to upgrade something. I believe reducing wait time is only a...
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    Enable trading of goods between allies/ Public Market system

    I believe the option of trading goods (i.e. fur, diamond, leather etc) and goods ONLY not resources between members of the same alliance should be enabled. I felt that the goods are more of something that is found/looted by a random chance hence it would be nice if the goods can be exchanged...
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    Chinese special unit weakness

    Well I feel that each nations' bonuses as well as all the choices available to players (i.e. library research, wonders) should be made to impact each player's games very subtly so that none of those choices are deemed underpowered. I also feel that the game should be working around this concept...
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    When to Advance Age

    What is the "gold+extra houses" offer?