• World War Matchmaking Downtime
    Earlier today (4/12) World War Matchmaking was inaccessible, we apologize for this inconvenience. As of 1pm EST you can claim 250 Crowns and 5x 1h Speed Ups as compensation, this must be claimed within 5-days.

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    Unit Reskins

    Never mind about this. I been doing some research and apparently all the really good developers and artists from the original big huge games that started this project left the company in 2020. The ‘new blood’ artwork/design looks very poor compared to what came before. Heck, even the new...
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    Unit Reskins

    I love this game but I want unit skins. Really missing an opportunity for another revenue stream. Make it work similar to the council with cards and rarity’s or collections. Like for example “the British collection” that has unit skins for all types of British units but you collect em from...