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    Earlier today (4/12) World War Matchmaking was inaccessible, we apologize for this inconvenience. As of 1pm EST you can claim 250 Crowns and 5x 1h Speed Ups as compensation, this must be claimed within 5-days.

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    who the Hell is Pompus the Wise ??? He’s occupying Every Space on the Leaderboards... CS say thanx for telling us... awaiting usual BS Reply...
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    Serious question: how do you manage to screw ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING up so consistenly?

    I joined In April 2015, Spent about 500 dollars, when the Cheating started, i asked Apple for my Money back... GOT IT ALL back, & haven’t spent a penny since...
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    Next Event, Admiral Yi’s Helmet...

    Most of us I expect, Already have an Admiral Yi’s Helmet From Previous Event... So what will Having 2 of them Do for us ??? Will they Meld into a More Powerful Artifact ? Or NOT ???
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    Veterans benefit - write your account age here

    4th April 2015... Atomic age...
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    Update 6:7

    Just got new update, and now my Commandos no longer walk through gates, just spend entire battle trying to blow up said gates... :( is it true, that Nexon use Child Labour from local schools to do the Coding for these Updates, on Raspberry pies ??? as this would explain why every update is full...
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    Runway numbering

    Possibly a Reference to Hanger58 bar, that was in Shoreditch, London ???
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    Atomic age

    Thanx for all the Replies guys... some Interesting insights, Dilemma time ensuing, as i Don’t get attacked much, & Events are Easy to Complete etc, just a little boring only Grinding out the UNI Research’s... Farms & Caravans still need some work, but almost pointless doing at present, Winter...
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    Pleeez,Pleeez, Pleeez...

    I wish they would Grant this... Sooo Much fun watching him Burn in Hell !!!!!
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    Atomic age

    Cheers guys, i’m Lvl 226 Global due to Maxxing Generals & A Lot of UNI Research for the last 6 Months...
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    Pleeez,Pleeez, Pleeez...

    Can we have the Ability to use the Silo to NUKE Marco the USELESS T**T !!!!!
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    Atomic age

    Hi People, A Question for you... i’m High Lvl Global, almost everything is Maxxed, been Grinding the UNI research, Winter of the ages is coming soon, IS there any point in going Atomic, or Going Straight too CWA... Do you still get Age Rushed Globals available for Killing in CWA ??? any...
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    Dominations Expansion pack : The Elevator

    How many Ludicrously Cheap Crowns will it Cost ???
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    Big Huge Games has gotten it right!

    Oh boy, she’s resurfaced again, expect the other Nexon BHG disciple to appear as well, the one that always said Vroom Vroom, can’t remember her name...
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    What’s the point of going to war?

    I Quit Warring 6 odd Months ago, too many Cheaters & INSANE Mismatch’s which continue too this day...
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    Scrap the rebalance!

    It’s Deliberate!!! Piss people off, who then QUIT this Broken game... They’ve Screwed enough Money out of the mugs bye now, and wish too Fold the game ASAP, & move onto the Next, Nexon SCAM Game...
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    Garuda Sakai - hacking way Into top 20 - 20 sec kills on 290 3D7 bases

    Been going on Forever, Sooo Many Teams include Cheats/ Hackers... Rarely Get Banned FOREVER...
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    twice-in-a-row ww matches .. should they happen?

    The pool of teams doing wars, has decreased Significantly over the last year or so, due to the Inability of Nexons programmers to sort out the Matchmaking that THEY Broke, Waaay back... So Many 100s of not 1,000s of teams have just QUIT wars...
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    Current event, Admiral Yi

    Gotta have Lvl 4 Museum to use it though, Global age i think...
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    Please Wait

    whats with the Please Wait to Donate message i’m Getting every time... Really really Annoying!!!!! & the Loooong pause after game loads at the latest Bargain screen... JOKE!!!!!
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    $75 for 4 random 2* artifacts???

    Totally agree with you, But some Morons will do so... most of the 2* artifacts i have crafted are Junk Status, with 1% on most slots...