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  1. J

    Maori Club defense legendary problem

    This is definitely bait and switch type deal. Lines on Legends have always affected the corresponding tt. Without giving us a heads up this is just plain wrong to switch how artifacts are working. You can't have different sets of rules for each artifact . It's garbage if true. they decided to...
  2. J

    DomiNations 11.2.6 Hotfix

    Update broke the account switch , won't connect to Google
  3. J

    Recon, the primary cause of Imbalance

    I do agree that this is a big issue at the top of the game maybe not so much for lower ages, the library research for drone only is a great idea.
  4. J

    Question for offensive players

    Nerf recon, buff all d buildings 30-40%, remove Spawn cap, change sab to 2 spaces. Maybe nerf heli mortar and para? There's nothing fun about leveling tier 1 3ds in 1:45 and huge drone offensive bases going down in sub 1 minute. We need a challenge and steam rolling bases without having to...
  5. J

    Recon, the primary cause of Imbalance

    I think starting with recon is a step in the right direction, if you buff all d buildings across the board 75% to counter recon it'll force everyone to use 2 recon per attack to counter it. I'd say a 30-40% buff to d buildings to counter over powered heli para and mortar troops would help and...
  6. J

    Recon, the primary cause of Imbalance

    How is flattening a 380 offensive drone age offensive base with dock tts in 55 seconds fun? Not even using 1/3rd the alloted attack time. Is this what bhg intended because that's the landscape of the game if you know what you are doing. And for the record I can do that with around 90 heli damage...
  7. J

    DomiNations Sitrep #1

    This is an absolutely terrible idea. Offense is already overpowered 400+ bases with finished uni and offensive coals are going down in under a minute in war. Defensive bases with 3d coals and the best legendaries in the game feel good if they don't go down in 1:45. Removing the cap without...