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    When 4 markets just aren't enough...

    I'm guessing that part of the problem is the cheater can probably bypass the punishment period or ban anyway and instantly reinstate their account, because BHG and Nexon don't have that much control over what players are doing. Isn't that how they cheat in the first place?
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    Next up ... Scripting!

    My troops may be victims of this, they ignore rallies and forget what they're meant to be doing. (I'm not going to hi-jack your thread to b!tch about AI) Does this take the cheating to a whole new level or do you put it in the same category as the rest we've been experiencing?
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    Redgar Returns!

    dbukalski and redgar, reuniting the chuckle brothers!!
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    2 Generals attacking same time

    "Game design flaw". That's the same as when my computer suffers a user malfunction, right?
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    Troop A.I.

    I had raiders attack troops while ignoring my rally to the market right next to them, so I sent in some troops to sort this out and they marched passed the ongoing battle to address the unmanned market. Obviously they all died a rather pathetic death while I barely made enough loot to pay for...
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    Hit the reset button, thanks Ironangel

    I clearly upset someone with my profile picture, so my account was reset and my picture removed for me, password no longer worked. No communication, no explanation (although I probably didn't need one to be fair). But I would expect Ironangel to see the humour in it even if he/she didn't like...
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    What to do?

    My profile picture was removed and my password was reset.
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    Close those posts quickly!!!!

    Don't tell them that, now they'll over ride and make sure we get updates sent to our e-mail addresses. Oh dear another idea given away, sorry guys.
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    It's big spend for little return though. I've stopped at level 9 as it stopped being economical. Does this change when you get to level 13?
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    What to do?

    I was getting mildly addicted (if that's possible) to this game. The build times have done a great job of weaning me off. Balance restored! I can now also focus on the Barclays fantasy football league since the season started when I upgraded to the next age.
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    I have a Confession to make..VERY serious post!

    Come now Eddie, why can't you take the gushing of a 12 year old school kid seriously? If you think they're super excited with this, wait until a new Bieber song is released.
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    Goodbye Dominations.

    Maybe we should get oil resources from drilling polar bears. Next improvement idea to spend time on. On the other hand, the nerfs on the game is probably the only way the devs get through the long waiting times. Presumably, they're testing the next age and going through the upgrades in real time.
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    is it just me or.

    I have used the built in "anti addiction tool" for the game as well. I was getting obsessed with the game but the longer update times have meant I can get a bit more balance again. Thank you developers. Not playing frequently has meant I have less interest in the forums. No offence forum...
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    How do I tell if I was banned?

    Thanks Jane. Nothing there so must have been a forum issue.
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    So, I finally broke down...

    I also upgraded my base completely (not farms and camels, etc.) before leaving GP age. It's easier to do it this way as you can farm the lower levels for loot. Everyone has a different strategy, no right way or wrong way, just some better than others and depends what you want out of the game. I...
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    The Toilet Treaty

    Should be limited to one per day. Special exception if you can provide a receipt from a local dodgy curry shop.
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    50 Workers working...

    A seemingly swift action taken to cheating. Does anyone at Nexon need a pen.....?
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    How do I tell if I was banned?

    Clearly I can post again... before I get the smart remarks!
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    How do I tell if I was banned?

    I haven't been able to post for about a week now. How do I see if I was banned? There was no notice in my inbox that I could see. I don't think I have posted anything that would warrant a ban, wouldn't I have to be made aware of the offence? (So I don't do it again... ;))
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    Supply carts... stuck.

    I don't use carts because of this. They take a good deal of troop space and funding, I'd rather use the tactics.