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  1. Chadwicke

    where is the update notes

    where is the communication?? previous a few days to read then same day now none nothing to show what was changed?
  2. Chadwicke

    this is what is wrong with defense it's called neglect!

    since information age release offense tactics got double and Triple action and rangers that exceed the limit of defense. defense building have not changed function since gunpowder ages the ranges are the same the rate of fire is the same only difference is hit points and a damage increase that...
  3. Chadwicke

    New season no national trade goods will cause people to quit

    Levithian BHG_Muet the new seasons will pair against equal strength of bases nearly 90 percent of all information age are either German or Korean and 5 percent french 2 percent British and rest is the remaining 3 percent so there will be absolutely no way to maintain national trade goods. This...
  4. Chadwicke

    Since update Forest grew back mortars are now air defense

    Right after update I upgraded my air defense to the max level and all my mortars turned into air defense as well as like the previous 4 updates 2 forest came back BHG_Muet Levithian
  5. Chadwicke

    Day 3 again no in game customer service

    Also mailflow error at I can't respond to my in-game message this "enhanced customer service" is terrible I'm vip 14 and my vip 1-4 get faster response
  6. Chadwicke

    Why do days go by without customer service!

    Wirh the end of the vip customer service as a vip level 14 I can't get a response for days at a time message send July 30th it's now august 1 where is the service! Leviathan
  7. Chadwicke

    I am getting customer service messages now but...

    They aren't addressing what I'm asking is the issue
  8. Chadwicke

    If you are new to dominations please read

    Right now after 6 years staring in 2015 the game was fine in 2018 a server was stolen and clones the percentage of the player base cheating is near 60 percent 5-15 percent spenders rsdt are free players DO NOT Spend your money quit or cheat is my best advice they say the care but they action is...
  9. Chadwicke

    Cheated 4 times in a row no customer service

    We are owed 153 glory and 237 glory and just got the same team we fought before with 10 cheaters found when someone actually gets a response from customer service it refused to send troops tactics back this is unacceptable customer service Leviathan TheWise BHG_Muet since no more vip customer...
  10. Chadwicke

    Still need help no customer service in game since josh left the position

    Not getting in game customer service robot not answering my question nor fixing a problem isn't customer service!!! Leviathan TheWise fix customer service get me a real response
  11. Chadwicke

    I still need in game customer service

    Levithian TheWise can you get my in game customer service fixed it's messed up since vip ended can we ages it like 6-7 hours response time down from the current 3-7 days ???
  12. Chadwicke

    Seriously I need customer service in game !!!

    Since vip is over and I was vip 14 I can't get an in-game response at all ever
  13. Chadwicke

    I need a in game responce this should not take days

    I'm vip 14 days between responses I need an in-game response!!!!!!!
  14. Chadwicke

    War weight is broken I'm sure you have no idea what that means

    Upgraded gen sun to 90 fell from base 1 to 3 and this is hard so try to understand I'm not concerned about my base number I'm concerned about war weight and if war weight is wrong wars will continue to match wrong get it?? Nahh probably not told to post it by Josh but I already know no one...
  15. Chadwicke

    Hey guess what I still have no in-game customer service at vip 14

    So stong hold doesn't work correctly after update no matter the filter you can only select between 12 troops and can never access I really wish you would just give me my money back but your forcing me to show your not comepent so I can get a refund from Google no and your doing great at that as...
  16. Chadwicke

    4 more days no more customer service

    We are facing a team that in their own chats has pot player ID numbers posted they used this to become us and take down our museum Artifacts we replaced them and 20 seconds before war started they took them down again we are the only team effected so it's a hack as well my account made a...
  17. Chadwicke

    I am still not getting in change customer service at all since vip service had ended

    Since vip service has ended I have not gotten a single in game responce in 6 days now going on 7!!! Leviathan BHG_Muet please fix this it's not like I'm asking for cheating to be fixed that's clearly never going to happen but customer service seems doable .... Right???
  18. Chadwicke

    No customer service in game since no more VIP manager

    I haven't gotten a response in days and days how to make a bad game worse and if your a cheater reading this I'm sorry I wasted my time trying to help them clean the game up now it's open season for.chesting so build those max 1 day bases hack you musuem and university hack your parliment and...
  19. Chadwicke

    For those who don't know there is now no vip manager

    Why does that 3 days I have had no response I'm vip 14 , cheating team were being reported now you simply can't report them , the post made by the CEO TimTrain about wanting to be transparent is false , Josh is not being replaced our enhanced customer service doesn't exist now and...
  20. Chadwicke

    I need in game customer service I have had no response in 48hours

    2 days I'm vip 14 and no in-game responce please help even it it means the robot cs