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  1. Armitage

    Assault Vehicles - What's the point?

    So, I finally got around to unlocking the Assault Vehicles and am finding it...lacking. Now granted, I've only just begun the process of sussing this troop out, which so far just involves throwing an entire army of them at a base to watch their performance. I'll be doing troop combos in the...
  2. Armitage

    The other Ages

    I see a lot of discussion about the Drone Age, which is right as it's having a rough rollout with a lack of features and the signature building not being finished. But what about us in the earlier Ages? I'm Cold War about to go to Space, and it's a bit glaring the lack of treatment the earlier...
  3. Armitage


    I'd kind of like to see more done with the animals spawned into our bases, so I'm proposing a new building, the Zoo! Haven't quite got it all fleshed out, but the main purpose would be to manage the spawned animals, things like increased numbers and yields, as well as the ability to introduce...
  4. Armitage

    Challenge Arena

    The idea is a place where individual players can go head-to-head, selecting from a randomized list, in essentially a solo war. Where this would be different would be a Ante Feature, one where we can ante up resources, crowns, rubies, troop tactics, speed-ups, artifacts, legendary tokens and...
  5. Armitage

    Barracks-Based Strategies

    Since the update, new avenues of strategy have opened up for us to break away from the HTs and Sabs/Zooks. Here's what I've found so far: My Bread and Butter army is: 10 APC 8 Mortar 2 Heavy Infantry 2 Transports 2 Fighters This mix allows for heavy base destruction with replenishing ground...
  6. Armitage

    Barracks Update thoughts. (Response to complainers)

    I keep seeing people complain about barracks troops, wanting choppers un-nerfed, and other such nonsense. I say phooey! Barracks troops are not useless and there is so much more to them than a one trick pony. My go-to mix is 10 APCs/8 Mortars. The APCs are responsible for base clearing...