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  1. Samwell

    Welcome to the Drone Age

    Dear god did I cock that up, first the event is released 6 days early and it only requires 12 citizens to move up. In consolation they did end the Production Boost early too. Lol
  2. Samwell

    Welcome to the Drone Age

    I will likely get disemboweled by the angry mob for saying this, but I am very much looking forward to the new age. Having no upgrades to do for so long was horrible for motivation to keep playing. It looks like there are many months of upgrades to keep me plugging away. With this many...
  3. Samwell

    Drone Age Trailer

    This installment seems like it’s going to be more graphics intensive so I suppose that there’s going to be a lot of people that need to get new devices. My device has already began Glitchy behavior.
  4. Samwell

    Today update

    I am on iOS and same problem… submitted trouble ticket to the above link, not sure if it went through.
  5. Samwell

    Drone Age is almost here!

    I agree totally agree. When I started the game I tried to average things out, and it was pathetic. So I went full offensive for a long time. Now I am at 384 and have upgraded all the defence items and only have farms, caravans, and generals left to upgrade. Now I have to be defensive to make...
  6. Samwell

    Saving sets in Museum and see VIP level

    I suggested this in customer service a while back and they said it was a good idea. Having multiple 1 click sets would make life easier for the players and wouldn’t cost the game any revenue. And in fact it might entice more folks to attempt to get different Legendary artefacts so they can...
  7. Samwell

    Drone Age is almost here!

    I have never Maxed an age, but I have always been an offensive player and the only way to get stronger weapons is Age-up. Staying low might work for Defence players, I couldn’t be sure. I have saved up several speed ups waiting for this age and am glad they put a count down on so we don’t have...