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  1. Spaceboy

    Temple Idol not placed on the map..ooooooooooooold bug

    When this bug will be fixed? In some cases, a temple idol is NOT placed automatically on the map, while in some cases it works perfectly fine. I have enough spots on my map to place an idol. This has been an old bug for years but very annoying as I have to move the idol to an open spot myself.
  2. Spaceboy

    Council: reminder popup is missing

    Bug with the council building: there is no popup icon reminder to tell you that you can flip some cards (after 12h?). Please add that as sometimes I forget to click on the council building to get my free cards. Muchos gracias,
  3. Spaceboy

    Not able to start a new war

    Hello, First time I have this: unable to start a new war. Message "please try again later". I have been trying for 1hour. Bug? Normal? Monday 13-Dec 21h53 CET
  4. Spaceboy

    War of 15 are back !

    I was able to start a war of 15 players. Was this announced? But excellent news, as 10 or 20 was too difficult to handle for our medium-sized team.
  5. Spaceboy

    Crown expense limit before getting banned

    Hi, What is the crown threshold above which you get banned for suspicious activity? I have 14 000 crows to spend.
  6. Spaceboy

    End of support of iOS9

    Hello, I play Domi on an old iPad with iOS 9. It lags a bit but still playable. Now I got the message that iOS9 will not be supported anymore, so this will be the end of my account. I have no other phone or iPad to play on. Is there any emulator that works on Windows 10?
  7. Spaceboy

    Customer support: please reply to Chadwicke

    He is filling up the forum due to non-existing customer support. Please help him out !
  8. Spaceboy

    New recroît schéma in thé game

    Arrived today..get stuff if you recruit new players..oh boy..this is really the end..quick..where are all my old smartphones where I can install the game on?
  9. Spaceboy

    Stupid matchmaking horror

    I am really PISSED off by these stupid matchmakings where you REALLY have zero chance to win. We are not a bad team, but the guys on the other side are just too strong. Why are these matches allowed? There is no FUN in this. We: 1. CWA 244 2. SA 263 3. SA 245 4. AA 240 5. AA 228 6. AA 224 7. GA...
  10. Spaceboy

    Visit today of one admin to Checkout out our progress

    Today we got visit of one “Tony”, stating that he was the French admin for Dominations, to see how we progress (sic) His account started on 23 August, and he was industrial 177 with many building in upgrade ( so cheating). He asked not to get You got visit too of some admin guys to...
  11. Spaceboy

    New patch today?

    What is this new small patch that I had to install today? A secret backdoor to my online bank account so that Nexon can take all the money they want without even asking me?
  12. Spaceboy

    Retrain video disappears

    aarrggg.. I had to wait 30 minutes in order to have the retrain video to rebuild my full army for free. I come back after 1h to the game..and no more retrain video ! I restarted the app, and still no luck. I need to form my full army from zero, costing my $$$$ of petrol, mercs, generals, planes...
  13. Spaceboy

    Boycotting impossible world wars is actually kind of fun

    Well, we have again an impossible WW after a couple of hours of waiting. I am no 3 and the games recommends me no7. So we boycott again this war with no attacks. Zero.null.void.nada. What do we win ? * enjoy the Saturday sunshine outside * keep upgrading my city, troops and buildings instead *...
  14. Spaceboy

    Sunday stats: active players

    Time for some numbers that we all like: total players: 3.5mio active last 30 days: 234’000 active last 14 days: 211’000 active last 7 days: 196’000 Losing 40’000 per month (could be linked to temporary bans). This also exclude the Asian players I guess as they are playing on different servers...
  15. Spaceboy

    WW: who had the great idea to drop the base level restrictions like in MP?

    This remains still one of the most STUPID ideas during world wars: there is no restriction in the bases that you can attack! In MP you can only +/- 1 ( except the top level -2). if we restore this restriction for WW too, all teams would be obliged to have a better mix of players, and not only...
  16. Spaceboy

    No videos to watch? videos are available to watch. Not Marco, daily videos, retrain video. Europe server. is this normal? Maybe 1st Jan begin of new period..
  17. Spaceboy

    Event global leaderboard: no ~200''000 with passive account

    Hello, I have a second account (medieval) where I do no MP attacks, and one connection per week max. For the last event, I was listed around 205'000 player globally! I did 2-3 war attacks, but nothing more. How can I be the player no 200'000? Are there not more active players in this game? I...
  18. Spaceboy

    Again bad WW matchmaking

    We just finished an impossible war, so this bad matchmaking algorythm is back again !! So time to report it. We are a small group ~1000 world listing, the German group is listed no 185 ! (16500 points vs. 19500). They have 1 SA (289), 4 AA and some GA. We only have 1 CWA (242), 1 AA and 4 GA...
  19. Spaceboy

    September revenus

    Seen this on sense tower website: Domi made 200k revenu worldwide for 30k downloads. I had the feeling that this is a low revenue stream. Not much staff that you can keep with 200k revenu (not profit!)
  20. Spaceboy

    Please, give some INTERESTING prizes when you launch an event

    Nexon, BHG, Did anyone from your team had some marketing or sales training? You should know that if you want people to participate to some "events", the prizes that you can win, must be interesting to participate. Did you see yourself what you offer for the last WW2 event? One small troop...