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  1. Theoneandonly

    SunTzu research

    So, we have SunTzu now, a new university leader. Every common player, if he is Cold War or higher, will be able to use him appropriate in approx. 2.5 years. The total of all his researchers, including 14.5 days of upgrading university ONCE to level 10 is around 900 days. Leviathan is there a...
  2. Theoneandonly

    VIP system is not legit in many countries

    Well. I bought the Black Friday crown offer today and did not received VIP points therefore. As such a bonus system is not legit where I live I will report this now immediately to the Apple store authorities. Let’s see what will happen. Pretty sure their response time is much faster as anybody...
  3. Theoneandonly

    Base with Former 44 active workers has now over 100 workers actice

    First I have to state that my original posting was closed without any reason. Second a few notes on the history: - Sunday 4th I found a level 266 base with 44 active workers - I send to CS on Monday 5th - I opened a threat in this forum - the player was not actice for three days, guess he was...
  4. Theoneandonly

    Reported base with 44 active visible workers still regularly active

    I reported a base with 44 active visible workers on Monday to CS, I have provided Screenshots and all information asked for. Unfortunately this broken forum software doesn’t allow to load up simple screens from an iPad, otherwise I would show my daily observations as screens here. Obviously the...
  5. Theoneandonly

    Thoughts on Digital Age - after it is available and before BHG has announced the go live

    Thoughts on Digital Age - after it is available and before BHG has announced the go live Dear BHG team, Even if you have not informed the community somewhere about digital age we have got the information via dark subversive channels already. And what a surprise, we have first pictures and...
  6. Theoneandonly

    Rumours on DA ... you told some players in private

    Just today I read in Dominations related social media that the following features shall part of the DA release: - the crash bug issue is solved - the war weight issue is solved - the matchmaking issue is solved We all there were told that you have written this in private messages to single...
  7. Theoneandonly

    Prayers for BHG team

    SDear BHG team, I am praying for you all the day. Wish you all the best to keep your job. Ok, personally I think you all should be fired immediately, all of you, without any grace. But I wish all of you good luck to survive. Even if you don’t know your game, you don’t have any clue about the...
  8. Theoneandonly

    Release Notes on Digital Age

    TinSoldier , it’s now a few weeks since you announced Digital Age for November. November starts the day after tomorrow. it would only be fair to the community if you announce immediately what will be new with the next release and the planned date for the release. Nobody will believe you not...
  9. Theoneandonly

    Update 47.11 - coming soon?

    I have found that Beta testing base with 8 airstrips and 6 Haile tents. It Looks like a nice Feature for all Users. Can you already tell us when this update will be available for the Community? TinSoldier
  10. Theoneandonly

    History is coming up

    Very soon a perk 6 with 15 to 20 Level 332 players (within the game since January 2019) will be Top 3 of the World. what are we all doing wrong?