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    University research bug

    University research speed ups are not working properly. When anybody posts university research speed up request and goes offline, anybody who contributes to that speed up Makes the whole unfulfilled request disappear from the chat. After this there is usually one contributor to the speed up and...
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    Free videos still not working on iOS

    More than a month I am not able to process any free video retrain/museum artifact/Marco polo videos/free ads Running on IOS/iPad, have been posted twice already this issue, your patch for iOS users is not working for me. Any refunds? European platform. Thanks
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    WW unavailable

    Hi, is there any reason to ruin actual world war? We did first attacks yesterday evening and now Nobody from my alliance is able to open WW window. Actual war ends in almost 4hours... Connected from the Europe. Thanks for another surprise which makes us happy... If anybody starts to work in...