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    awesome new forum

    Hi all, just discovering new forum like you. In the old one i was unable to post there was a bug so , glad to see i can finally enjoy it!
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    NTG chance from museum & university

    Hi, No one knows how NTG chance work - from university - from museum The known mechanism is - case A. Do a 3* or 4* battle to have a chance to obtain a NTG related to ennemy you just killed - case B. Do 5* and you are sure to obtain 2 NTG related to this ennemy - case C. If you completed...
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    goald cometed but missing regards in events?

    Hello, me and others completed events goals, then we expected a " set of goals", in the goals tab, to be replaced by a little reward. Butwhile the goals properly show as completed, list remain as is, there is no reward ( like speed up or TTC ). Thanks
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    Events : finished tasks but nothing to pick up

    Hello, I and others have an issue with new events : we finish some tasks, these are shown as done. Expected : instead of 5 tasks shown as done, there is now some reward. Click to collect a TTC or some speedup for example. Happens instead : list of tasks remain as is...
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    Crown Offers

    With the current x4 crown reward event, i want to start several offers. Some offers are really tempting. But is there some deadline for those (once offer is "in progress") ? If there is a deadline one should just start a just one or two offers. If no deadline it is possible to be more ambitious.
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    Daily singleplayer challenge

    Win each day a challenge - like a little base to 5* with limited resources, like a challenge with a predetermined set of troops cheap reward but nice one like challenge lvl 1 - 5 min speed up, challengelvl 2 - 5x 5min speed up
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    Better boot screen

    Not something huge, but actually details matter. There is only one boot screen, always the same. I could close my eyes and paint pixel by pixel this screen, because well we play a lot, it is rather long to load, and also almost as soon as you swtich to another app dominations unload. that's...
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    Label artefacts and better switch

    We keep a lot of artefacs. Imagine i want to withdrawn resources in vault. I will equip vault interest. I want to put more resources? I equip vault capacity. Should i attack i will equip loot bonus. Then if i have too much resources i will use loot refund artefact. And so on and so on. I don't...