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  1. Armitage

    Alliance Leaderboard Hotfix Compensation

    Yeah, the leaderboard keeps tweaking for me after every battle. Everything from -1 to high 80s in individual ranking, and missing numbers and benefits from the Alliance ranking
  2. Armitage

    Mercenary update and other suggestion

    Just had the same thought and someone had before me! Noticed it when I was just in the Merc Camp looking to switch from Tank Destroyers to Irish Peacekeepers. The Heavy Infantry and Ranged Infantry need the range and speed modifiers from their barracks counterparts added to them at the very...
  3. Armitage

    this is what is wrong with defense it's called neglect!

    I guess I'll toss a couple of wooden nickels on this one What I think is wrong with defense is combination of too much of the same things and not enough individual creativity in crafting defenses. Defense for me is 50% museum, 20% coalitions, 20% layout, 10% building levels. Everything builds...
  4. Armitage

    Inter-alliance artifact trading feature

    I would love to see this, but I feel the reason they don't do it is it would result in higher age players farming artifacts for their alliance, overpowering the lower addition to the usual money grubbing claims. To combat that, make it so artifacts traded are reverted back to base...
  5. Armitage

    Barrack upgrade troop bonus

    A lot would disagree and say offense is heavily favored over defense. However, I agree that the Barracks bonus needs to be looked at. The bonus for all three combined in Cold War Age is barely over a single percentage point, or very close to it,for a lot of the troops for both damage and hit...
  6. Armitage

    Upcoming Leaderboard Changes

    I don't mind, and even encourage, an Alliance Tab for the long as it's in addition to the individual leaderboards. Just make sure the rewards are worth it, because trying to get an entire alliance behind an idea is like herding cats. And for the same reason, don't skimp on...
  7. Armitage


    The Hangar building is a special building, one of the ones that only lasts for 7 days. While it's up, you can have 9 slots instead of 8.
  8. Armitage

    Delete troop tactics

    While a delete function would be nice, why not just use them in the meantime? While it would take considerably longer than simply deleting them, loading a full compliment and using them in the offline battles that most of us ignore once we've completed them will remove said tactics from your...
  9. Armitage

    Assault Vehicles - What's the point?

    True that, however it won't be as much mayhem if it's just the standard lines for DPS/HP, both offensive and defensive. People will be slow to try them out at higher ages, the main benefit will be for those who haven't yet set their museums. This would be, more or less, rectifying an oversight...
  10. Armitage

    The other Ages

    I'm planning on it as soon as I hit 220, but I'm at 216, so almost. It's the Shuttle and Paleontology that are driving that desire. While yes, we get new things at every age, this is more a request/suggestion to keep them other ages in mind and to introduce new things every now and then...
  11. Armitage

    Assault Vehicles - What's the point?

    So, I finally got around to unlocking the Assault Vehicles and am finding it...lacking. Now granted, I've only just begun the process of sussing this troop out, which so far just involves throwing an entire army of them at a base to watch their performance. I'll be doing troop combos in the...
  12. Armitage

    Factory troops' balance

    My stance on the APC is the same, it's fine as it is. That squishy-ness is a balance for what they do, which is dump troops on the ground, so ya gotta keep an eye on them and protect them. Changing the targeting on HI back to "Any" might unbalance them on that front. MRL badly needs a range...
  13. Armitage

    The other Ages

    I see a lot of discussion about the Drone Age, which is right as it's having a rough rollout with a lack of features and the signature building not being finished. But what about us in the earlier Ages? I'm Cold War about to go to Space, and it's a bit glaring the lack of treatment the earlier...
  14. Armitage

    The world war chests during “of the ages” events

    By the gods, yes. Look, I know the buildings are supposed to be a special reward, but outside of a few defensive ones, no one uses them at all. I have 18 of them sitting in my inventory, doing nothing. I'm not going to use up my army slots for a Spy that doesn't work or Gunslingers that get...
  15. Armitage

    Command Post

    I concur. The Command Post is a building that should never have been left behind in the updates. The upgrade level of this building affects several others, so to have it dead-end 4 Ages behind the current Age makes no sense. The troops supplied by buildings affected by it are worthless past...
  16. Armitage

    A revamp idea proposal for the barrage war tactic

    I like this idea. A periodic "pulse" of damage, treated visually as either an artillery barrage or gunfire from a Hercules support aircraft. I also agree with the overall increase in damage at the cost of doling it out over time to balance. This would now have a nice synergy with the Decoy...
  17. Armitage

    3rd Armory Slot

    Even just shifting the Tactics and General upgrades over to the War Academy would alleviate a large part of this, while maintaining the thematic flavour of the building. I daresay it would enhance the Academy, as Generals and Tactics requiring a more learned institution for their advancement...
  18. Armitage

    Drone age. What’s the point?

    It's called a start. Too many people are still entrenched in the before times, when barracks troops took a Herculean effort for a mediocre success. Nowadays, every Barracks troop was given the means to do what they're supposed to do. It's up to the players to discover the ways and means of how...
  19. Armitage

    Some more unique ideas and gameplay features

    I so very, very much support that WW army tab idea or something similar. I have been lamenting the ability to see the war stats on my units and hate having to do math every time I have to gauge how well I would do against an opponent. New nations would also be a lot of fun, but seems like it's...
  20. Armitage

    Welcome to the Drone Age

    The MRL needs a range boost at least, but I can tell you there's not a thing wrong with the APC. That's my main troop and you can go check my posts over in the General Discussion and Strategies section on their strengths, weaknesses and use.