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  1. oddin

    when you leave the game to the retrain screen and screen closes...

    imagine the following scenario... you go to a multiplayer battle and you win, exit to the retrain screen for some reason you do not press retrain button but leave it like this without doing anything cause you are busy with something else game after x number of seconds closes you reopen the game...
  2. oddin

    APCs and norden bug

    remember the norden bug where opponents were filling the TC with APCs and when you attacked them, the APCs on death crashed the game? Unfortunately many alliances exploited this... But it was fixed.... Now it is back... pls fix again It is also happening on offence too. I play with APCs and it...
  3. oddin

    Invading Generals Hitpoints not having any effect

    I am a defender and since the alliance with the most Eisenhowers wins, we tried to build antigeneral museum. So, at some point I reached -73% Invading general hitpoints and the result was that I didnt see ANY difference when I got attacked in WW. So, I run some tests during friendly challenges...
  4. oddin

    Event Change: Top10 gets the artifact

    not that I care cause I would never reach the points required to get it, BUT why did you change it from top 100 to top 10? Leviathan
  5. oddin

    Game is down again

    Leviathan We cannot login. Also game runs slower now.
  6. oddin

    4x offers: I met all requirements and they don't award the crowns

    During the 4x offers, I downloaded the Walking Dead game. After ~19 days, I completed all requirements and didnt receive the crowns automatically. I send them a message with all relevant proof and they denied the award without explaining anything. I can't send them a message as the ticket is...
  7. oddin

    Information age discount

    During previous summer/winter for the ages, the last age got half discounts than all the previous ages. Can you pls confirm Ayo Leviathan TheWise that this time we will get 50% like digital age players? thx!
  8. oddin

    NTG gathering problem in DA...2 options to solve it

    Dear creators and community managers of the game ( TheWise Ayo Leviathan ), The NTG gathering issue is an ongoing problem for years. You need to reevaluate your decision NOT to rebalance the various Nations because up to Industrial/Global age, nation distribution is somewhat ok, BUT from the...
  9. oddin

    Summer for the Ages 2020 - Need an official response

    Guys we need more information if we are gonna have a Summer for the Ages this year cause it takes planning and managing of our resources, speedups, crowns etc. Please let us know.... TheWise thx
  10. oddin

    Greek Myrmidons ranked 79 recruits! Only Greeks pls!

    Γεια σε ολους τους Ελληνες, Ειμαστε οι Greek Myrmidons, μια ελληνικη συμμαχια που συσταθηκε πριν 3 χρόνια και εχουμε αντεξει στο χρόνο και στις κακουχιες (bugs/rebalance κλπ). Πλεον, ειμαστε μια παρεα που ολοι γνωριζομαστε μεταξυ μας και θελουμε Ελληνες παικτες ΜΟΝΟ για να μεγαλωσουμε και αλλο...
  11. oddin

    anyone with xiaomi pocofone F1? Planning on buying this. Anyone has it already? How does it run dominations? Any lag? Can it handle big battles in WW with many units onscreen?
  12. oddin

    Enigma machine not working as intended

    I have done the library research for -5% at uni time I have atomium -10% I have enigma machine at max -15% In total I should have -30% in time at university Yesterday night, I started the first level of Fort General upgrade cost from Hannibal. It needed 3d and 11h to finish. I went to sleep. I...
  13. oddin

    VIP! Details?

    hey, Some players, recently, had the option to give their e-mail/phone number in order to get an exclusive VIP information Can we get some more info on that? thanks TinSoldier
  14. oddin

    The new Dock discussion thread!

    So that we have somewhere collected, all the new changes and figure out which level is the best to have... thx
  15. oddin

    To sandbag or not? Here is the question!

    I read almost everywhere (forums, line, discord) that the new matchmaking is not working as advertised and that unfair wars happen all the time. I also read about leaders being obliged to fill in the empty spots with iron/classical/medieval age accounts. And last of all, about alliances losing A...
  16. oddin

    CWA Planes dying like Triplanes

    for the 3rd time today, I attacked bases between 210-220 and while I should have 5 starred them within 2 mins at the most, I lost all planes and my army. This is certainly not normal and I am curious as to why my planes died so easily in their second attack. Anyone else encountered this?
  17. oddin

    4x crowns offers for AFK arena denied while I made the in app purchase!!

    There was this offer where you make an in app purchase and you get 3400 crowns in dominations. I made the purchase and I got an error related to network, so I waited 10 mins and retried. After a while, I checked and I had not received the crowns. I checked the google play purchase history and...
  18. oddin

    Should you take advantage of Instant advance to next age or not?

    This is a big dilemma.... Do I wait for many days till I can instant advance to the next age or I go now and take advantage of the price cut offs for all ages till the end? Here is my post from Summer for the ages 2018...
  19. oddin

    Forum sections about other games vanished?

    Does that mean that more people will be allocated to Dominations? Or just fired? Just doing some wishful thinking
  20. oddin

    Coalitions require the same NTGs every week

    It is the 4th consecutive week that the offensive coalitions Americans and Aithiopians require partly the same NTGs. First it was salt, then tea, previoys week was marble and now scrolls. In my 3 year career in dominations, this has almost never happened again. May I ask if it is pure bad luck...