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  1. TheWise

    Council Chambers Councilor Update

    Greetings Leaders, We’ve been keeping an eye on the feedback in regards to the Council Chambers and how we can make this a much more rewarding experience. In this hotfix, we’re adjusting councilor stats so that they are a bit more impactful with your civilizations! All Councilors’ stats for 1-4...
  2. TheWise

    Henry Johnson Event 8/5 - 8/8

    Greetings Leaders, This weekend is our Henry Johnson Event! In 1918, Henry Johnson and his partner, Needham Roberts, both of the 369th Infantry Regiment, also known as the Harlem Hellfighters, were manning an observation post in France when German soldiers attacked them with grenades. Johnson...
  3. TheWise

    DomiNations Technical Test: Sign Ups Open

    Greetings Leaders, We need you! We’re looking for players to participate in an upcoming playtest to help us with a few backend updates that we’re performing to the engine coming to DomiNations later this year. Our goal is to get players into the environment and have them play around as they...
  4. TheWise

    Welcome to the Drone Age

    Greetings Leaders, We are celebrating DomiNations 7th year, and we’re very excited to say the time has finally arrived to introduce our 16th Age, The Drone Age. You’ve waged battle alongside us for seven years through the ages, and for players who have progressed through the Information Age, a...
  5. TheWise

    Drone Age Trailer

    Are you ready to enter the Drone Age? The newest Age is coming to DomiNations in update v11.0! Check out the trailer above and keep an eye out as we will have more info on what you can expect to see in Drone Age very soon.
  6. TheWise

    DomiNations v10.2 Update

    Greetings Leaders, We’ve heard your feedback, and we're making a few changes to how recruitment and fusions work in Council. DomiNations update 10.2 has improved chances to get higher quality cards when recruiting or fusing new council members, an additional council slot, and more! Council...
  7. TheWise

    Legendary Token Calendar: June

    Each month, Marco Polo offers several Legendary Artifacts, which can be acquired with Legendary Tokens. Here's a look into what's coming up in June: 6/1 - 6/3 Julius Caesar Statue - 300 tokens Mask of Agamemnon - 100 tokens 6/3 - 6/10 Huey Armament System - 300 tokens Christmas Football- 100...
  8. TheWise

    Drone Age is almost here!

    Greetings Leaders, We’re here with a quick update to let you know that the release of Drone Age is almost here! The release date for Drone Age is something we see asked a lot, and we’re excited to announce that it is on the way and expected to arrive in DomiNations early this Summer. While we do...
  9. TheWise

    Joan of Arc Event 5/27-5/30

    This weekend is our Joan of Arc Event! Enjoy these discounts for a limited time! 25% off the following building upgrades: • War Academy • Oil Well • Oil Refinery • Castle 33% off the following troop upgrades: • General Joan of Arc • Recon Plane • Assault Rally • Ranged Siege Event lasts from...
  10. TheWise

    VIP Store Update

    Greetings Leaders, Recently we introduced a change to the VIP store that changed how items are updated in the store. We’ve heard your feedback regarding this change, and as such, we’ll be bringing back daily rotations to the VIP store for levels 1-12 starting next week. While those levels will...
  11. TheWise

    DomiNations v10.1 Update

    Patch 10.1 should be live now for everyone, check the store if your game doesn't automatically update. If you experience further issues please reach out to CS Here
  12. TheWise

    DomiNations v10.1 Update

    Greetings Leaders, DomiNations v10.1 Update is starting to roll out now featuring several bug fixes, including corrections to Aircraft flight paths, and structure placement. Additional changes to aircraft pathing to help with intended flight behaviors Fixed an issue where retraining a Unique...
  13. TheWise

    Forum Feedback and Bug Reporting (report forum issues here)

    Greetings Leaders, Welcome to the newly updated DomiNations forum. While the updated look and software are now live, there may be some issues that we need to tackle. If you're running into any issues with the new forums, please let us know here so we can investigate. Feedback is also welcome!
  14. TheWise

    The Art of War

    Here you’ll find resources on how to level up your play experience. Have you written a guide or come across a powerful build composition? Compare Battle Strategies, theory craft, and plan out upgrade paths. Some notable resources: The Secret - A complete guide to planning & strategizing your...
  15. TheWise

    Welcome! New? Start here!

    New to Dominations? Here’s a great place to get started! Use this space to introduce yourself, and meet other players! Check out our FAQ to learn the basics of Dominations, there you can quickly search for information including tips on how to play and the latest patch information which can also...
  16. TheWise

    Posting Bugs and Known Issues (Please Read)

    For in-game/bug reporting we encourage you to submit a support ticket to us either using the in-game reporting system or head to our support site and contact us to open a submission form. While we much prefer you submit a ticket to our support team, you can still post here in the forum using...
  17. TheWise

    DomiNations 10.0.1 Hotfix

    Note: This thread is originally from 4/18/2022 Greetings Leaders, We have a hotfix going out today to fix a few reported issues from 10.0. Devices with 1GB of memory or less should be able to use video ad features again. The Ads may not play, but the rewards should be claimable. Fixed an...
  18. TheWise

    Legendary Token Calendar: May

    Each month, Marco Polo offers several Legendary Artifacts, which can be acquired with Legendary Tokens. Here's a look into what's coming up in May: 5/1 - 5/6 Leonidas Bust - 300 tokens Sphinx of Tarhaqo - 100 tokens 5/6 - 5/13 Sojourner, Mars Rover - 300 tokens White Death's War Kit - 100...
  19. TheWise

    DomiNations v10.0 - The Council

    Greetings Leaders, New to DomiNations is our Council feature, a new building in DomiNations that lets you build up a group of advisors that provide strong buffs to various areas in dominations. The Council building is available once players reach the Classical age; building the Council unlocks...
  20. TheWise

    DomiNations 7th Anniversary

    DomiNations is celebrating its 7th Anniversary in April! As a part of the celebration, keep an eye out for special events going on throughout the month! Here are just a few things to look forward to in April: Anniversary Event Pass: The first event in April will be $0.99! Video Rewards have...