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    this is what is wrong with defense it's called neglect!

    Are you sure it works by netting first? The looted resources sure doesn’t. I don’t know how but netting oil and all rss looted gives me +150% and yet when I raid I get + 300%. Does not seem like it nets but it seems like it applies them separately. Have you seen the code?
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    Alliance Leaderboard Hotfix Compensation

    Is it truely fixed? I even though I am still ranked the same and my alliance is ranked the same, every 2-3 times I log in wall upgrade cost is different. And for example today, I was in 1st by 800 points on one of my accounts, gained another 150 points and it told me I dropped to 58th…...
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    this is what is wrong with defense it's called neglect!

    100% of the complaints should be against the museum. This is not a neglect of defense but an over power of the museum. Run this example. Damage per second is 500 base. A defense player has a +100% bonus. Dps is now 1000 dps. The attacker has a -80% dps. That then reduces dps to 200 dps...
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    Seasonal Leaderboard Kickoff!

    Here is where the game freezes
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    this is what is wrong with defense it's called neglect!

    This whole thread sounds like “I spent a lot of money and people are still 5 staring my base! Waaa!” As theoneandonly said, just because you spent money does not mean your opinion is the only one that matters. The guys that are 5 staring your base are also spending money on premium TTS. Drop...
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    Seasonal Leaderboard Kickoff!

    The stupid intro explanation won’t exit and I cannot play Dominations. You are forced to go through all the explanations and then the “continue” button disappears and you can’t exit the screen. Closing the app and restarting forces you into the explanation again and locks you up.
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    Welcome to the Drone Age

    Lol, after months of being a free resource on the edge of base and only being raided for them 1-2 times a day I am not getting raided 4-5 times a day by Mk14 HTs, maxed recon and fighters. The spenders are out! Also, even with my space age defenses I am still only giving up 1-2 stars on full...
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    War matchmaking matrix appears to be broken.

    I agree war matchups seem to be better now (last 2 weeks) than the 2 months prior to that
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    Qol improvements ( quality of life improvements) for game in my opinion

    For QoL, please reduce time it takes to chop down trees and harvest oil seeps… reducing the hunting and gathering and mining was great, now just finish it off! Also, consolidating all animals to one side once all forests are cleared would be wonderful so we don’t have to search.
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    What's Your Ideal Video Reward?

    The blessing we would like to see are: air training, wall, medic, instant retrain. These 5000 oil shipment rewards are good too. Just please don’t do the gold/oil/food shipment sizes that you can get from markets/refineries/mills. Those are to small. 500k+ food/gold and 5000 oil should be...
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    Second factory

    Can something be done to make the second factory relevant? Besides making training of factory troops faster, there is absolutely no reason to ungrade the second factory beyond L7. No new troops unlocked, no larger army size, no modifiers for troops. Maybe something as simple as a 1% factory...
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    Banning policy

    I think if you have a history of buying crowns for money they don’t flag as an exploit. It is when you have never purchased crowns and then spend thousands of them that you are at risk. I know you can build up a large trove of crowns for free with enough time, but I think they flag stuff when...
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    Drone Age is almost here!

    I agree. I double jumped space to info at L320+ and never looked back.
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    Enable trading of goods between allies/ Public Market system

    Why not allow trading of what you have in “Inventory”. Not actual in game resources. Don’t trade them but allow them to be offered as gifts sent to one person in particular. This would allow us to gift duplicate legendaries, but nothing that is crafted. You could unload all those extra...
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    Why are certain TT not able to be donated in war?

    So I understand how airplanes can’t be donated to strongholds in war, but why can we not donate the “Wall Breacher Army L9”, “Anti-Tank Army L9” and “Armored Assult Army L9”? all 3 are TTS obtained through the shipyard and they are piling up for me. If Helicopters can emerge from a stronghold...
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    Hermitage chests

    It is really annoying opening the hermitage chests. They take some 4-5 screen taps and it is available every 4.5 hours or so. Can the reward be scaled up so that it is 1-2 times a day but more given? Also, where it collects without having to open the chest so we don’t have to tap so many times...
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    VIP retrain is not working 100%

    I get this problem maybe 1x per month and re-explaining it to CS is getting to be annoying. VIP retrain will occasionally not retrain all of my aircraft and will often leave 1 fighter not trained. I end up with 7/8 aircraft and have to either use the fighter recruits out of inventory or wait 30...
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    22,000,000 points on event leaderboard

    I would like for someone from BHG to explain how someone picked up 22 million points in this 3 day event.
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    3rd Armory Slot

    With over 50 days for each general, 7 weeks per aircraft, 18 days for factory troops, we really need a 3rd armory upgrade slot. can you consider adding one for $$$ or even make the 3rd slot workable by citizens? something. It is the largest bottleneck I have in the game. Even a Uni leader...
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    Summer of Ages only 1 week for Info?

    Leviathan I hope it is a visual typo, but can you confirm one way or the other if Info Age rush is 1 week or 2 weeks long?