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    Tutorial for alliance leaderboard feature freezes the game

    The new mandatory tutorial freezes the game every time at the message "you can view an alliance member's contributions...". No other UI buttons work. I can't open the tab to submit a ticket. The game is unplayable. Immediate fix needed.
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    Council Chamber Team Bonuses

    What are they? How will they work? And how many years away is "soon" for this addition? Tell us about them, please.
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    Parliament: List of Contributors and Amounts

    Thank you for implementing the Parliament building. I am looking forward to using it. What I don't see in it is any list of which alliance members have made contributions and how much. From what I have seen, this is a fairly standard feature of systems like this in other games, and it's a...
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    What's the footprint of the Bazooka Tower?

    If it's 2x2, I can fit it into the center of my war base with some minor adjustments. If it's 3x3, major remodeling will be necessary. I don't want to activate it until I know. Thanks in advance.
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    Please make future event goals clearer and more encouraging of good gameplay

    Generic unit names: Other parts of the game such as the library and university are able to dynamically display the troop names that I currently have, and change it when I advance an age and the unit's name changes, e.g., "Hussar" instead of "tank". Why don't the event goal descriptions do this...