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    Second factory

    Can something be done to make the second factory relevant? Besides making training of factory troops faster, there is absolutely no reason to ungrade the second factory beyond L7. No new troops unlocked, no larger army size, no modifiers for troops. Maybe something as simple as a 1% factory...
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    Why are certain TT not able to be donated in war?

    So I understand how airplanes can’t be donated to strongholds in war, but why can we not donate the “Wall Breacher Army L9”, “Anti-Tank Army L9” and “Armored Assult Army L9”? all 3 are TTS obtained through the shipyard and they are piling up for me. If Helicopters can emerge from a stronghold...
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    Hermitage chests

    It is really annoying opening the hermitage chests. They take some 4-5 screen taps and it is available every 4.5 hours or so. Can the reward be scaled up so that it is 1-2 times a day but more given? Also, where it collects without having to open the chest so we don’t have to tap so many times...
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    VIP retrain is not working 100%

    I get this problem maybe 1x per month and re-explaining it to CS is getting to be annoying. VIP retrain will occasionally not retrain all of my aircraft and will often leave 1 fighter not trained. I end up with 7/8 aircraft and have to either use the fighter recruits out of inventory or wait 30...
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    22,000,000 points on event leaderboard

    I would like for someone from BHG to explain how someone picked up 22 million points in this 3 day event.
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    3rd Armory Slot

    With over 50 days for each general, 7 weeks per aircraft, 18 days for factory troops, we really need a 3rd armory upgrade slot. can you consider adding one for $$$ or even make the 3rd slot workable by citizens? something. It is the largest bottleneck I have in the game. Even a Uni leader...
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    Summer of Ages only 1 week for Info?

    Leviathan I hope it is a visual typo, but can you confirm one way or the other if Info Age rush is 1 week or 2 weeks long?
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    Animals hunting

    Is there a way that when all forests are cleared animals, trees, oil seeps would only appear on one side of the base? Say the embassy side would be best. It is near impossible to find them all when hunting while the animals wander the whole base.
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    Roads and speedups

    Not that this is a major issue, but it seems there are some bugs with roads and speedups. when upgrading a road, it does not allow you to use speedups to quicken the pace. The only time you are allowed to use speedups on a road is when your alliance building speedup is available. Then you can...
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    Server maintenance

    Anyone know how long the server maintenance is? I have a note that it is until 20:00, but is that local or UTC? If local, 3 hours long, if UTC, 20 hours of maintenance? anyone know for sure as they just gave a start time when they made the initial announcement.
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    Ways to help the armory

    I know it has been suggested before, but a 3rd armory slot would be nice, even if it cost $$. Also, can you consider a legendary artifact like the Enigma machine that works on armory research?
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    9.1 Bugs

    First one I noticed. When donating troops there is no “retrain button”. You have to manually rebuild your troop deployment. After a battle the retrain works just fine, just not after donating to allies.
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    Canned messages from CS

    I found this VERY funny. I reported that lvl 10 on alliance speed ups does not work. (Still only 1x per day, not per 12 hrs). I get the canned message to check the forum for bug updates. I ask them to update the canned message since devs don’t ever update anyone on the forums. I get the...
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    I have to say the game notifications are terrible now. I am getting alerts that my oil wells are full 3 minutes after collecting them. Notifications that buildings finished when they are already done. One example. I did the free finish within 5 minutes of completing an anti-tank gun. While still...
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    Citizen reduction

    Now, I know that most complaints are like “make this upgrade shorter or cost fewer citizens!” All I want is some research to make hunting bears take only 4 people. ATV research or something where we use an ATV to haul it back to camp. Endless bears wandering camp until 2 upgrades finish...
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    Update bugs

    H. Tanks drive sideways (hard to capture in a screen shot, but they are driving sideways) Alliance XP earned is wrong on the war status page
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    Over priced offer

    TheWise I am AA and I have been ignoring this whole $49.99 for helicopter instant research + 1 Helicopter army. Let’s break this down a minute. To instant rush from scratch the Helicopter Research, it takes 1660 crowns. To “Buy” 10 million food is ? I don’t know as I am always full, but...
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    Make the Cherokee Coalition more useful

    When I was IA and below the Cherokee coalition was cool and mattered. GA it was Meh. Now that I am AA and use only factory troops and don’t use supply carts anymore it is “avoid like the plague”. maybe adding something small like the bonus healing percentage goes for both supply cart and...
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    Inappropriate Ads

    Wise, I feel that the advertisement video for “Call me a Legend” is inappropriate for the game. Can you take a look? Kids don’t need to see that garbage (adults either IMO). thanks!
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    Can’t use speedups on roads

    Just a note for the devs. You are unable to use any type of speedup on roads. Not the general ones or building speedups. Noticed this on a low level farming alt account.