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    IMPORTANT: Museum bonus 85% limit true?

    If you pull up the list of active benefits in the museum (green arrow). Right below the words “Active Benefits” it states that benefits that “debuff your opponent cannot exceed 85%” Does anyone know how this works exactly? Does “debuff” include being stronger offensively against their defense...
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    Stay United is seeking strong active players.

    We war constantly and are trying to grow. We do war planning through Line app. Our top 6 average around 240, so we have a strong core. We welcome players at that level as well as weaker, dedicated players who are willing to grow with us. If that’s you, come join us. Wes
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    Stay United looking for members or merge

    Hi guys! My alliance, Stay United, is looking for new members, and would even be open to merging with another alliance to make us stronger. We try to be very active and war continuously. We just seem to have too many players that are quitting the game and not committing. We use KakaoTalk for...