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  1. Persia

    Cheating Justice System want people to voluntarily take a few minutes out of their days to record a video of their screen? Any player can accuse any other? Even disregarding the fact that salty people/trolls are going to randomly accuse others to force them to waste time recording, do you seriously think most...
  2. Persia

    Cheating is out of control, what are you doing about it?

    Weren’t you guys talking a month or so ago about how they seemed to finally be taking positive action? Did they just ban a few people and forget? I have no idea, since I haven’t been playing actively or checking the forums much, but I thought things were getting better from what I had seen...
  3. Persia

    The Dawn of the DIGITAL AGE!

    That’s Muet for you. Ignore the criticism and respond rarely to answer questions about very minor changes compared to the glaring issues like cheating. A fraud.
  4. Persia

    Prayers for BHG team

    But what they’re doing now is actually 100% representative of the situation, because they’re not tackling it at all, so you really can’t fault them for not talking about it.
  5. Persia

    Idea to speed up early age progress

    Nobody in Iron Age needs a 45% time slash. Where it is needed is in ages from Gunpowder to Atomic or even CWA, when levels need to be gained. Ages under GPA should be cut, but they take almost no time compared to the ones after.
  6. Persia

    Complaint current Event

    Yep, it’s pretty obvious that buying the pass was supposed to be an easy group leaderboard win if you were lower-age, since the ridiculous rewards for extremely easy tasks (2,000 XP for 2 expeditions launched paid, versus an earlier few hundred for 4 expeditions launched) make it impossible to...
  7. Persia

    Why do we have to buy an event pass to unlock rewards?

    That’s crazy. Game items are only worth something because people make it worth something. Do you seriously think this is worth half the price of an AAA game? You know, not a mobile game? I was fine with spending $15, but this is ridiculous. The wall manuals are useless, the armies are ephemeral...
  8. Persia

    War attacks not registered lost cards not fun fix this now!!!

    Hate? The lack of care is nothing short of egregious. If it weren’t *this game-breakingly serious*, obviously, I wouldn’t be suggesting anyone bring it into any thread Muet appears. I’m just reminding people not to get complacent—Nexon absolutely does not care, and they won’t without a lot of...
  9. Persia

    War attacks not registered lost cards not fun fix this now!!!

    All it takes is one post from Muet talking about how he plays the game himself on higher-age accounts (which is either a lie or proves he doesn’t pay attention at all) and a few smiley faces, and this forum seems inclined to forgive him as if he didn’t neglect the game so severely. Just an...
  10. Persia

    Digital Age is finally here.

    Many grievances with this game, especially this one, are completely legitimate. Try again instead of making a useless rant.
  11. Persia

    Suggestion for Devs and Muet

    Gonna do my best Trump impression here: Yes, kudos for making — and you won’t believe this, people — one lip-service post that took ten — get this, ten, everyone, that’s a lot — minutes, and — blown away by the generosity, folks — throwing in a little humour with it! Ignoring the constant...
  12. Persia

    Suggestion for Devs and Muet

    Good to see the spinelessness of this forum! BHG removes Group Leaderboards from an event (false advertising), does absolutely nothing about cheating for months, let alone the plethora of other issues with the game (chat bugs, crashes, poor matchmaking, and those are all objective, let alone...
  13. Persia

    Digital Age is finally here.

    Half is still far too long. It should be absolutely on crack if you’re a lower-age player. That’s the only way there will be enough people at high ages. Make time hardly even a limiting factor. I’m talking about Uni research lasting a few hours at the highest levels, the longest upgrades being...
  14. Persia

    An honest note to Muet

    Not sure why the strawman here — his complaint isn’t baseless whining like you seem to be satirising it as, it’s a legitimate grievance that has been a problem for literal years. Likewise, BHG actually *does* create new stuff all the time if they can sell it. That’s why there’s always a new...
  15. Persia

    The Borg have Assimilated the Leaderboard!

    Funny story here, that would actually skew it towards lower-age players, so I think it aligns perfectly with your idea of having group, but no global, leaderboards. There are SO many poorly designed bases that were constructed with little, if any, planning at Enlightenment, for example, that I...
  16. Persia

    Where's group leaderboard?

    I suggest giving it to everyone who bought the Pass prior to the Group Leaderboards’ removal, but eh. They *definitely* need to do something about this to recompensate players if they want people to keep buying the EPs.
  17. Persia

    Where's group leaderboard?

    I get, “we’ve determined that your purchase does not meet the conditions for a refund” or whatnot when I try to refund the Event Pass. What a joke.
  18. Persia

    Where's group leaderboard?

    How do you know that?
  19. Persia

    Event not counting NTGs

    Together with an alliance always at war, I can pretty much never lose my NTGs by rehiring coalitions rapidly. Phenomenal thinking, BHG. They need to count if you’re over capacity, otherwise tonnes of players like me who are consistently maxed on every NTG need to resort to the cumbersome process...
  20. Persia

    Where's group leaderboard?

    Wholeheartedly agree with this. The Rosetta Stone is part of the reason I bought the pass in the first place; I’m just going to request a refund, if possible, if that isn’t available anymore. GPA players just aren’t going to be able to compete with SA no-lifers. That’s unquestionable. But the...