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  1. marcspence

    DomiNations 2 Year Anniversary Hotfix AVAILABLE NOW! v5.5 Update Notes

    Still not addressing british 5 range is unfair..nothing can kill them except mortors and u left dynomite at 1 space so they can demo mortors.. please balance british, its getting old watching them have unfair advantage
  2. marcspence

    World War FAQ: Matchmaking

    I call them "dummy bases" is that what you have to do to crack top 100? IE.. Make weak bases to allow mismatches? Seems very unethical to me..
  3. marcspence

    Glory is broken

    I am trying to communicate with Nexon but they don't see an issue with match ups and I just get canned responses :/
  4. marcspence

    Glory is broken

    Current glory system seems good but something fishy is happening in matchups..we have had non stop Koreans since glory started and we are completely outgunned. They have low level economic building but those aren't supposed to be a factor.. Some thing smells here
  5. marcspence

    Glory is broken

    We are having same problem.. I just posted about war mismatches
  6. marcspence

    War mismatches

    ever since glory has been introduced we are mismatched against Koreans ( mainly ). They are much stronger across the board. For example, 3-4 globals and we have none. We are half indust and half enlight and opponents are almost all globals and indust. We are just outgunned. I do notice they have...
  7. marcspence

    Roma Victa is recruiting

    We are a global alliance established 1 year ago. We are a global team. Strong English Speaking nod reading chat history is required. We are pushing 40 war wins and 1 loss. Classical age or higher to join. We are a teaching clan. Come check us out. Learn and have fun! Note: our flag is green with...
  8. marcspence

    Oil Boom Balance Update

    What? You nerfed horses? C'mon guys. Now they are worthless. Calvary raiders needed adjustment. They run at light speed and defenses cannot catch them. Are you trying to run non gemmers out of game??? Do you listen to your players? No battle sharing, no alliance wars, no way for our leaders to...