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  1. atramar

    Back after 8 weeks

    aaand leaving already... Nexon... please... 3 things hit me after my 8 weeks break (after a month of battling broken AI) is still horrible... maybe even worse... rally unpredictable, archers still not defending my troops, healers and cannons dying stupid, foot troops marching a farm behind...
  2. atramar

    ​~ Medal range of opponents? ~

    Indeed, my medieval base seen it's fare share of industrial and enlightened bases When it was in classical age I was also able to attack enlightenment, I wonder though, would they be able to use revenge button?
  3. atramar

    Worst attack replay ever.. or a cheat

    'Also, in the replay all his troops are killed with 1 min 30 sec left on the timer... and the replay shows him rallying his none existing troops on different structures the last minute and a half....' this usually means replay mistake, run it 5 more times. Usually one that fits log is the right...
  4. atramar

    Report AI Issues Here!

    No Title Riders trying to breach a wall with cannons while there are plenty of piles of resources just laying around...
  5. atramar

    ​~ Medal range of opponents? ~

    that is one of criteria. 3000 medal player won't be matched against 400 medal player, that's why they see 'no opponents found' so often on higher leagues.
  6. atramar

    Tower Defence Event

    They want to tell us as late as possible, so we use crowns to finish other jobs
  7. atramar

    ​~ Medal range of opponents? ~

    Is this why top dogs are talking that much about getting to 2400 medal range? promising forests and flowers, lands of villages with healthy resource pools to take, pleasant league bonus... so we will all get in your range of attacks so you can pillage our vaults and take our women?
  8. atramar

    I'm am not a General,can I post here?

    Technically, it's not called 'generals discussion', so you should be fine ;-)
  9. atramar

    Can't gain resources in Elightenment Age?

    Well, it doesn't get much better later.. troop upgrades give you few % of hp and dps, no such thing as 'armour' or evasion, barely noticed difference on my troops after upgrading them, so not cutting my guts off and putting my marriage in line just to get those upgraded cannons... Dump all your...
  10. atramar

    Report AI Issues Here!

    depends on your device. google it, mine (samsung j5) it's home+power button
  11. atramar

    Which is the next Nation or Civilisation you would like to see in Dominations?

    Like with current AI that is needed ;-) but I like your idea ;-)
  12. atramar

    Idea peace treaty concept change / matchmaking change

    Not liking idea of being attacked while online. When I'm on, I like to fiddle with my base while I wait for troops... and while moving gates around, would suddenly get attacked with my base wide spread open.. not fun. PT after any attack would be nice though, until they fix force close.
  13. atramar

    Which is the next Nation or Civilisation you would like to see in Dominations?

    Why not Eskimo? With special power Penguin rush, where you can launch an 15 penguin raiders once per day. -20% of food production on farms, but +20% oil production at oil wells. special unit, hmm, Medic sledge, because we can! special building 'ice cannon' that would be built instead of...
  14. atramar

    Coming update

    that would be cool upgrade. and our troop soldiers would evolve to jedi, with Japanese soldiers would go Dual wielding jedi, and Germans would have double bladed saber Sith (darth maul squadron). Saboteur could evolve into Ewok :D French HC from tanks could evolve into mounted Gungans. Ranged...
  15. atramar

    Why so many Maxed out bases lying between 1600-1800 medal range?

    That is actually a prefect idea, will use it this weekend, maybe will get out of that 1600 medals range. shame I dropped some 2 days ago to test something, but is reversible
  16. atramar

    Cart and Horse Event: 11/12/15 01:00 UTC until 11/15/15 14:00 UTC

    AnupNepal: Heavy Cavalry refers to the entire unit line starting with Horseman, Cataphract, Knight, etc (including a Nation's unique units.) Supply Wagons references the entire line starting with Supply. so they mean HC - tanks, not raiders
  17. atramar

    Bullied by higher ranked players??

    Been there, done that. GP to EA is nothing when compared to EA vs IA maxed with planes and lvl 30 generals ;-) That's how it rolls, pray on weaker, got beaten by stronger, multiplayer at it's best.
  18. atramar

    Report AI Issues Here!

    it's ai issue thread, not translation/game ui thread spa by google translate: es cuestión de tropas de inteligencia artificial hilo, hilo no traducción de la interfaz de usuario / juego ;-)
  19. atramar

    Cart and Horse Event: 11/12/15 01:00 UTC until 11/15/15 14:00 UTC

    Not bad, considering how often healers die at no good reason. Magnifico: Probably a misspell, like when they said nation and troop balance is coming, but they meant to mess with the AI instead ;-)
  20. atramar

    Is Quick Victory reducing the Fun from the game?

    QA is just a bonus, destroying TC will grant you win any way.