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    After Being kicked

    After being kicked from an alliance is there a cool down period before you can join back that alliance?
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    Dominations crashes / closes while the game is booting (at Nexon Screen)

    I've had the same problem with my ipad4 and have posted here before I have the game on two devices iPad and iPhone. I have deleted the game form my iPad and iPhone like 20 time and same result. At launch I get network connection error in my iPad even though it's a fresh install then after...
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    Network Connection Error

    For about 4 days now I'm unable to connect to dominations. Once I launch the app I get network connection error, and once I try again never loads more that 10% of the loading bar and just sticks there. I have reinstalled the app a it 10 times with the exact same results. This is difficult as I'm...
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    Network Connection Error

    Same issue here for about 4 days now