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  1. ColdestRage

    Allied Advancement 6.4 Update

    Over a week now with broken chat, each time I try to reach out to CS I hear „restart device, clear memory, reinstall game ,it’s your fault not ours” kinda response. is there ANYONE COMPETENT who can adress this issue?
  2. ColdestRage

    Allied Advancement 6.4 Update

    First of all fix the goddamn Alliance chat so that my Alliance can see donation requests instead of blank chat
  3. ColdestRage

    Cold War Update Mega Thread! Discuss here!

    _Flash_ nit so fast , Space Age will have a lvl req of 350, not even cash whales are there yet due to lack of things to upgrade to get there. Patience :D
  4. ColdestRage

    Be advised before planning your first war attacks after the update

    I already wrote it in the Bugs section, just FYI. City Center’s range got extended after the update. Right now City Center has a spawn range longer by 2 tiles than it had before the update. Without knowing that and experiencing it firsthand at war attacks I messed up both of my attacks,so...
  5. ColdestRage

    City Center spawn radius after the update

    After the update City Center’s spawn radius got extended by a range of 2. Till now City Center’s spawn radius was same as it was shown once you click on your City Center ( 5 range diagonaly and horizontaly from the edge of City Center) Right now City Center spawns at a radius that’s longer by a...
  6. ColdestRage

    Looking for active players to join the Dominion family of alliances

    Join our worldwide community now. You know you want to
  7. ColdestRage

    Alliance perk Reset unrightfully ruining Wars for thousands of players (alliances)

    Saddest thing now are responses from CS : Blah,blah,blah,autoresponse mail...and a few lines under : ”Don’t worry,we will work on it and check if there are any abnormalities from within your game and your alliance” When ,I ask when will you STOP insulting players by pretending like the...
  8. ColdestRage

    nerf British

    Greeks and French were nerfed. Stil remember when you could 5 star bases with full cavalry troop comp. Germans were nerfed from beginning since their double rally duration ain't really doubled. Koreans with recent tactics space upgrade were nerfed cause right now +1 tactic space doesn't make you...
  9. ColdestRage

    DomiNations 2 Year Anniversary Hotfix AVAILABLE NOW! v5.5 Update Notes

    Can you read english? Buildings range is counted from it's CENTRE, NOT from it's OUTER part. Let's make it even more simple - count Tower's range of 7 from balcony on which tower archers stand. If they had a range of 1 they'd be able to shoot one tile less than the space Tower alone takes . If...
  10. ColdestRage

    Night witches - get rid of them - killing the point of trying to upgrade

    Remember bug with trap blessing? Blessing was deactivated in 2 hrs after release. Remember double loot in wars? Got fixed in one day. They CAN work fast, but first of all it MUST hurt their business. With the way things are now they won't fix this fast. Why not? Because at this point the only...
  11. ColdestRage

    Night witches - get rid of them - killing the point of trying to upgrade

    Christopher-Outlaws!! You don't understand Community Manager's role at BHG/Nexon At some point you stop caring, because why should you care when evendevs don't? Just give copy paste responses like Custommer Support gives them, and wait for your paycheck calmly and patiently. Night Witches are...
  12. ColdestRage

    Gunpowder Lone Wolf PvP Tournament : challenge me !!

    Pretty sure I'll try one of those tournaments ,no GPA acc though :( , but maybe I'll think of something. Anyway Congratulations to Azrael for proudly representing Dominion alliances
  13. ColdestRage

    Ten Bars Club

    Are you that buged pilot that raids my oil each night after I go to skeeo with 2 of his friends? ;) If yes, than take this beer coupled with whiskey , and Tequila and drink so that you won't be flying tonight :) Go on, don'r stand there staring ...get jrunk,weely jrunk
  14. ColdestRage

    How long until decoy tactic costs 2 spaces too?

    In my humble opinion sabotage/protect/decoys should cost 5 troop spaces, betrayal 3 troop spaces. I mean we want challenging wars with no way to Stalemate. Pros will easilly 5 star maxed AA bases with 1 sabotage and 1 betrayal at their leisure right?
  15. ColdestRage

    May spotlight

    Not really. Ever heard of Aztecs,p (duh , they are at Embassy) Olmecs, Maya's or Inca's? those are nations that lived in Iron Age and later Ages on lands where USA stands now. Their uniques though might be troubling to undestand as tou'd have Maya's warriors, then indians, then cowboys lol
  16. ColdestRage

    April 2017 Design Spotlight

    Guess that's how BHG rolls . They hear only opinions of whales , and have rest of community there where sun doesn't reach. You'll see BHG , that after a week's time at least 25% of players will leave. With next update you'll have only either hardcore players, masochists, or whales, your player...
  17. ColdestRage

    Marco Polo?

    That's one way to describe it. And hey it's shorter than my description
  18. ColdestRage

    April 2017 Design Spotlight

    Let me tell you something BHG. IF sabotage , protect, and betrayal will take 2 spots instead of one you'll kill the game . You are killing this game with each update. You want bigger profits, or do you want to earn less? With the direction you are going ALL players that spend cash from time to...
  19. ColdestRage

    Best number of consecutive wins !

    That's not true at all , they gain lessGlory cause they are matched with weak alliances where missmatch happened and that's why they gain so little Glory- cause theyshouldn't be matched with those alliances at all. Sandbagging is defined by having inactive Irons in war , if you take active ones...
  20. ColdestRage

    Best number of consecutive wins !

    12000 . Can't go lower than that even if you lose milion wars in a row, nad trully speaking you can get more Glory having less Glory cause there is a higher chance you match with alliance that's similarto you in strength