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  1. Hammer

    Nerf the British?

    First off cards on the table, I play as the British, that said... I see a lot of calls on the forum to downgrade the Brits ranged infantry, now for me this is not a sensible solution to the perceived problems. This would only achieve one thing, make all the nations more similar. Now this may...
  2. Hammer

    Should I try to complete the wolf task?

    The problem is I've still got "James" on my base from the last time. If I complete it & get more wolves how will I know which is "James", what if I accidentally hunt him down? It's a terrible dilemma.
  3. Hammer

    Friendly Challenges?

    Yep, the doubling of the space needed for useful tactics is up.
  4. Hammer

    Friendly Challenges?

    Same here, unless we are the only people in our alliance's to update and it needs two?
  5. Hammer

    Hey Nexon fix your junk chat server!

    To be fair you were being a bit of a tool at the time.
  6. Hammer

    632 Glory if we we win, - 9 if/when we lose...

    We aren't filling war bases and don't intend to use any attacks.
  7. Hammer

    632 Glory if we we win, - 9 if/when we lose...

    And right now members of my alliance are talking about whether we should also start sandbagging...
  8. Hammer

    Bazooka Tower is the best thing Nexon is doing

    I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you are being sarcastic.
  9. Hammer

    632 Glory if we we win, - 9 if/when we lose...

    Clearly with numbers like this in our current war Nexon or at least it's Glory value computer is aware we are facing a sandbagging alliance. Twenty V Twenty war, they have twelve Atomic age players, one classical and the rest all lower. So the question is, why did they match us against them...
  10. Hammer

    stronghold a defense buff for wars

    Motaz Tarek At the risk of sounding glib, if you believe that "defense is underpowered under 2 conditions only, against british shooters and heavy tanks" why not use heavy tanks in your attacks, or even consider changing nation to British?
  11. Hammer

    Trade goods.....not receiving any

    You're just unlucky and not experiencing a glitch.
  12. Hammer

    stronghold a defense buff for wars

    I think it's positive, defence in under powered at the moment. Time will tell.
  13. Hammer

    co-leader same edit rights as leader

    I'm all for this.... ​​​​​​.....but then I'm a co-leader.
  14. Hammer

    How come the Korean forum gets information first?

    Another article by Pte. Frazer
  15. Hammer

    is upgrading walls useless now?

    I'm about half way to all lvl 11 walls and can't imagine going higher. Taking my gates up to lvl 14. Thing is when I finish that I'll play far, far less often. For instance it only takes my half a day to capture resources for a 14 day upgrade so what would I be playing for?
  16. Hammer

    Brit rifles.

    Redoubts don't fire on any nations rifle men, I know if you look at the info it says range 7 the same as towers, but it's clearly wrong. The are the most worthless defensive building in the game.
  17. Hammer

    Brit rifles.

    Redoubts never attack them, mortars and snipers always do. Towers usually do, I'd say at least 95% of the time. ​​​​​Sometimes though it seems the rifles get an odd angle on towers that means they can attack without receiving return fire.
  18. Hammer

    Brit rifles.

    It's horses for courses, as I said before I think the reason the Brits are popular is because of the fact it's relatively easy to do well with them. I'm playing Brits at the moment, 51 rifles, 6 howitzers, 5 healers, whack them all down and take out the mortars with air cover. But it's also...
  19. Hammer

    Brit rifles.

    So it's easy to win a battle as the French but you say they are not overpowered, is the definition of overpowered simply "good at attacking in wars"? Not best at gaining medals, or progressing or even dare I say in defence. People complain about stalemate games while playing the British who...
  20. Hammer

    Brit rifles.

    Maths actually ;) Still you haven't addressed the question of why only one of the top ten ranked players should choose to play a nation you say is highly overpowered. The answer is that playing the British is easy. Many other nations are just as strong, but attacking requires thought and...