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  1. Boom

    Memorial Day - Week Ahead 5/20

    Just play hard for a few hours each day you are wanting upgrades. So long as you are grabbing the free weekly 1h instant retrains (and save them for events) and you have some bonus resources stats from your museum, it’s easy to level the buildings. Put in the work and reap the benefits.
  2. Boom

    DomiNations 9th Anniversary Celebration!

    Any chance we can get the updated schedule for economic building upgrades? The inclusion of mill and market is great. I would assume you will be only visiting each item once until the season is over, and if sticking with economic buildings we will see shipping dock or national goods storage this...
  3. Boom

    DomiNations 9th Anniversary Celebration!

    I wanted to say thank you for the instant upgrade event for economy buildings. This instant event will end up saving months of upgrade time for buildings that are barely worth it (caravans and farms), but will help immensely with levels needed to upgrade to the next age. I hope this event...
  4. Boom

    Summary statistics for the Library and University

    Best would be one stat page that shows everything broken out by category with a totals up at the top. Or at least show the bonuses on the individual screens of each unit and tower
  5. Boom

    Mortars have too much advantage over other units, this makes the game boring:

    Maybe the answer would be a trap to answer the mortar menace? In real battle, we have auto spotter systems that detect where a mortar was launched from and responds with an explosive in kind. If a mortar’s shell or artillery travels over the trap, it could respond with an explosive powerful...
  6. Boom

    The Manufactory

    Good question, is this an additional multiplier after calculating the value from all other modifiers?
  7. Boom

    Helicopter defenders

    If you don’t carry at least one betrayal for moments such as this you are doing it wrong. Steal the helicopters and make them yours.
  8. Boom

    DomiNations Update 12.1.2 - New Councilor Alcibiades

    Do we have any idea on a timeline for a university scholar and parliament add-ins for the manufactory? I would assume the plan is to play with wait times for production resources, amounts of resources mined with each wait time, maybe how many productions slots are available as a capstone, and...
  9. Boom

    Sniper towers 1 hit KO foot troops

    Idea would be that sniper towers should do away with DPS and instead use a timer between shots. Each shot should be a 1 hit kill to foot soldiers (mortar troops, soldiers, riflemen, combat engineer, machine gunner, and RPG come to mind). This would make an otherwise worthless tower into a...