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    Chat room improvements

    The chat in this game is simply put pathetic this is the only mobile game I've played that doesn't have a "global" chat nor can you share screenshots heck you can't even use an emoji there is lots of room for improvements in the chat sector.....heck lots of games even have in chat translations...
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    Library should show all research costs when another research is in progress

    That really annoyed me too, however I'm now more annoyed that I haven't had any research available at my Library in sometime now, several updates have come and gone and no new stuff to research Uni is essentially the same as the one person I haven't finished has no real benefits to finishing
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    Name Changes

    I think there should be a way to change the name associated with your account, perhaps the ability to purchase a name change with crowns and set it to high amount so the feature isn't abused.
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    Mercenary Camp

    Mercenary troops should be separated like all other troop types, you shouldn't need to dismiss all of them to upgrade 1 or 2 units.