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  1. King Leo

    Join The Ungifted

    We are currently recruiting to complete our war squad so that we can start our first war ASAP. We will be constantly warring and before every war our leader assigns a convenient war target for you. This way we got very successful in the previous alliance that got split. We are trying rebuild...
  2. King Leo

    Share tips to reach 1.646M Event XP on Global Leaderboard

    Some people take the enjoyment out of competing in a ranking system, trying to reach the top.
  3. King Leo

    Six Momentous Years: 1939-1945 v7.4 Update

    Tin the team has done a great job on the rewarding system, in fact with the event pass together I received around 30TT, next to strong speed ups and bazooka tower. This first event was a success. I dont buy much but the event pass was really worth its money. I really liked some strong and unique...
  4. King Leo

    Come to the Death Raptors!

    Hey again :) Once we have a full and decent war squad we will war back to back. The goal is reaching high in the rankings and creating an unbreakable team spirit among our players. Try our alliance and see for yourself Payne :) We play for fun and glory. King Leo Death Raptors
  5. King Leo

    Come to the Death Raptors!

    Dear Amped Pingu 😊, if a stranger approached my alliance promoting for his own, then I’d be thankful for him because he takes the people who are no benefit for my alliance in the long run. If hypothetically somebody left as a result of the promotion then you shouldn’t be mourning about him but...
  6. King Leo

    Come to the Death Raptors!

    Hello Payne! :) 1) War donations are done by one of our two leaders and troops will be at Global Age level. So even though we are ranked as alliance level Nr 1, that won‘t affect us negatively. 2) Our wars will be very organized. Once we get a solid war squad, our 2 experienced leaders will get...
  7. King Leo

    Come to the Death Raptors!

    Hey guys 😊 We are a very young but skillful and active alliance. Our leaders will assign your war opponents individually. We are still waiting to get our first 10 players but once we have them, nobody is going to stop us anymore. We are open to every player who is respectful, open for war and...
  8. King Leo

    Nexon is going the wrong direction.

    Dear friends of Dominations, I undoubtedly love Dominations like all of us here. However, many others and I notice a game that is increasingly and aggressively transforming into a pay to win game like all the other games we know. 1) Nexon tells us how great the new troops are we gained from...
  9. King Leo

    6.7 Game Crash on iOS after update

    How Long will it take to fix the issue approximately? This is madness.
  10. King Leo

    Heavy Tank strategies

    NateTheGreat Yes, i am aware of that, but it also applies to TT.
  11. King Leo

    Heavy Tank strategies

    I played the Germans before. They are good but even better if you have the money for the TT. The germans, rightly played always should include the TT because of the 15% applied to the troop tactics. The rule is simple: The more compartments the base has, the more howitzers you need to play to...
  12. King Leo

    What are the 3 most suitable OFF Coalitions for the British?

    I am level 177 Industry and have latey switched from Brandenburg Gate to the Statue of Liberty to strenghten my planes which, to me, is more important than the Blitzkrieg, as you got to have strong airplane support for the archers. Besides, I dont use factory troops even after the update. I...