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    Turn Off Replays in World War

    What you are asking makes no sense, i will just record my attack and show it to my team mates during world war, iphone allow you to record, some apps allow u to do that also, no point in removing the replay, actually its nice not having to record it outside the game :)
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    Latest unannounced update

    Manifesto, with all due respect man, you surely do not enjoy the full aspects of Dominations. You can get a full attack in matter of days and 1 pack of crowns, but u need months and months and months and too many €€€ to get a full defense, with full university, and you seriously think that a 3D...
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    Defense is now useless. The AR fix broke the game.

    More insane that breaking this tactic is leaving it broken till the next update or whatever. IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED NOW! If it doesn't then just REMOVE IT IMMEDIATLY! All the gameplay is being ruined, the wars are stupid, everyone 5staring everyone, even globals 5staring full cold war bases.. I...
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    Silo missile

    Muet but it was said during the live stream that it would only target significant buildings and not farms, markets, houses, and i keet getting it randomly targeting this buildings almost 60% of the times
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    Assault tactic is a rebalancing killer

    I believe this tactic ruined by far the overall attempt of balancing the offense/defense that was done few months ago. The game was perfect now, with a full defense doing its purpose, since u can get full ofense pretty quickly but the defense takes ages to evolve, and a simple tatic just comes...
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    Donating troops to World war bases

    Donating troops is counting only as 1 per unit when we donate to world war bases, for example if you donate 3 howitzers is counting as 3 and not as 27 as normal donations count..
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    Elite Combat ( Top Jogadores Brasil e Portugal )

    Vamos lá pessoal!
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    Elite Combat ( Top Jogadores Brasil e Portugal )

    Elite Combat é uma aliança recentemente criada com apenas jogadores Top vindos de outra aliança, todos de nacionalidade Brasileira e Portuguesa. Nosso foco é Guerra Mundial, guerreamos seguido sem pausas, sendo nosso objetivo nos tornamos uma aliança no topo dos Rankings.. Somos um grupo muito...
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    iPhoneX buttons floating away from edges

    Agree with all issues explained here, I feel the game looks ugly with the buttons floating, the bar is there all the time making it easy for us to push it while dropping troops and also the IPhone get really HOT now and it didn’t before..
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    Help, account issue

    Hi guys, im in urgent need of any kind of help, my alliance leader having a huge account issue and im trying to help him get back to the game asap. What happens is that he is using google account under bluestacks, problem is when we try to log his account on any android device it will try to...
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    Beware the Ides of March!

    Amazing event but in 7 days not really alot we can do on Atomic age, all building take over 10 days to upgrade. You should extend this event for at least another week
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    Anita Garibaldi Rides Out Event! (UPDATE: event to begin 3/8/18)

    TinSoldier Hey how about this weeks event? You were supposed to let us know the day before if there’s an event planned or not for the weekend :) hugs
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    No event this week

    Yes Tinsoldier, please do that, let us know if there is an upcomind discount event or not so we can manage our upgrades :) thanks alot
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    Alpha outlaws

    Bro sent you a private message. Should i join as lvl 134? looking for war guided alliance, that can help me reach higher skills. I am super active on online time and sharing troops.