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  1. dexterouz

    An Inquiry about the Wonder Bonus Effects

    I have Hanging Gardens and it has been destroyed few times before but working perfectly, no loss of bonus power.
  2. dexterouz

    Another mod- i was robbed !

    Seriously !! I don''t know why they are not getting banned ??? :mad:
  3. dexterouz

    Smart soldiers not so smart

    I would like to add the defending part. The troops from Garrison when defending act clueless many times. Instead of hitting the troop in front of them, they get confused and move here and there from one troop to another and they get killed so easily. Need to fix this too. Please.
  4. dexterouz

    Farm & Caravan loot - visual cues

    You can try to judge the market and mill, how much are they filled.
  5. dexterouz

    Chu ko nu DPS issue

    Ya, i have that same doubt but also i think, the 'damage per second' is different than 'faster firing rate'. It can fire the arrows fast, but the damage is not that heavy. If that is so then, they need to fix this. I have seen samurai destroying the building so smooth and fast, they...
  6. dexterouz

    Increasing level of tactic in war academy

    I have put my war Acadamy on hold, now installing it now. Don't know what it has to offer with level 1 and 2. For now will upgrade Blacksmith to level 4.
  7. dexterouz

    Farms and Caravan upgrades are far too expensive for what they provide

    Highly support your request. The upgrade cost is way more than what the farm and Caravan produce. .Also, i feel percentage for the loot is high. Since couple days, i have an trying to save 150K for an upgrade and i was 1000 food short. I got raid 2 times in 12 mins and lost 49K. Just for...
  8. dexterouz


    hehehe !! Yup, the hit points are very weak being a General. It's an easy decision for the users to make :p
  9. dexterouz

    New DomiNations Fan forum Grand Opening Giveaway! $15 reward!

    That forum in the link i think is useless, we have this official forum which the best place for all of us and also in that forum most of the contents are copied from here as it is. :confused:
  10. dexterouz

    Unfair Pointsystem

    I read somewhere that attacking a lower opponent in this game has a penalty. Not sure though. I don't want to attack lower players, but these popular rules are being used in almost all these games. So, they are actually forcing users to adapt this strategy. Doing this will take time from lower...
  11. dexterouz

    Good for you I'm an Addict.. Here is my bug list

    Hilarious bugs !! BTW did you get extra gold from that Camel bug ;)
  12. dexterouz

    Chinese - Iron Age

    Chinese - Iron Age
  13. dexterouz


    I Think they are almost as same as CoC but quite easy to earn and also builders are not attached with crowns so you can buy the builders with gold. Like in CoC crowns can be used to finish the task instantly. Diamonds are difficult to get for trading.
  14. dexterouz

    What does "clean language filter" means while creating an alliance?

    As far as i can understand its to avoid those alliances which might use offensive words; more of slang words :p I don't care much about alliance using clean language. I am ok with any of the alliance ;)
  15. dexterouz

    Japanese, terrible bonuses?

    :pGundams !! That will be awesome.
  16. dexterouz

    Gates Glich

    Yes, Thorkks is correct. Just stick to the near by open wall, it will change the rotation accordingly.
  17. dexterouz

    How many of us are Clash of Clans players?

    I am on CoC but now with TH5, mines and elixir will take 2 days update each and then after that more and more time. And this game is a good change. Very different, i wish the graphic should be more high definition. They are little blurry and pixilated with little zoom.
  18. dexterouz

    Is it me or are Archers stupidly strong?

    They aren't that strong. Since they keep a safe distance to some of the warriors they manage to survive and also other close combact warriors take most of the damage.