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  1. DukeOfQueens

    Will DomiNations have a Clan War or Alliance War in

    The developers won't really reply to you on that. But, I am sure there are many updates to come. As of now besides sending troops and bragging rights (most important meeting new people imo), there is really no reason to be in an alliance.
  2. DukeOfQueens

    Lord khas is a cheat -another one at the top

    I won't know if this is a cheat or not... Not to sound like an ass but what is the point of calling out cheaters on the fourm? I see these posts getting more frequent and I agree it is a problem but this is a fresh game with many problems that have to be solved.
  3. DukeOfQueens

    worst forum ever

    Eastern US. Thanks
  4. DukeOfQueens

    worst forum ever

    I've been having the same problem on the s5 but not on my Samsung tablet. Maybe it's a mobile thing issue. But, I can't even change my time zone in settings because it tells me I've put in an incorrect date of birth. There isn't even an option to do so.
  5. DukeOfQueens

    FRENCH, The Worst Nation :)

    I see plenty of French. The nation's that I rarely see are the Chinese and the Germans. I experience the worst defeats when going up against those two.
  6. DukeOfQueens

    What's the real benefit of an alliance?

    Not as of now but I'm sure there will be stuff added in upcoming upgrades. I use it mostly for chatting and exchanging battle ideas and strategies. Never ask for troops personally because I don't have the need (I'm in classical). However, I'm sure when I get further into the ages, ally troops...
  7. DukeOfQueens

    Anybody else really enjoying the game

    I've seen a lot of people accusing alliances of cheating on the forum. There are several bugs, but nothing really crazy (at leat not that ive experienced). Worst bug i occasionally come across is the alliance chat doesn't work sometimes. Other than that I'm really enjoying this game. I've played...
  8. DukeOfQueens

    DomiNationsDude Youtube Channel

    Wow great videos man. I'll definitely be a regular viewer. Love seeing other people's preferred way to defend and attack. Keep up the good work. **ALLIANCE- WARSONG**
  9. DukeOfQueens

    Loot available from raids

    Not sure about the British loot bonus percentage as I play Japanese. However, my friends who do play with Britain say that the bonus loot isn't really anything crazy and they're actually quite disappointed with it.