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    Server Down?

    I can’t get into the game in both my domination accounts. It keeps stating failed to connect with server retrying… is there some maintenance happening or server problem?
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    It shouldn't be this hard to play a game.

    The strange thing is if I use my Vpn on 3G/4g, i can play but without it I also have the same spindle disconnect. It's as though the domination servers have trouble connecting with some isp addresses
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    Connection Errors a Major issue after Update

    I also still have the spindle disconnect when logging in on 4G on one of my accounts. The latest update didn't fix that. There are many people with the same problem. I suspect the servers for some of our accounts have this problem and seems linked to our internet provider. I have 2 domination...
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    Crash after matched with inactive base with lots of loots

    i notice the game crashes when coming across inactive bases with many loots :(
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    Getting post approved

    How long does it take to get post approved. Written 9 July
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    How To Speed Drop

    Can it work with 3 fingers
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    Game keep Crash after update server & my ISP is Starhub

    I have the same problem as Serene. My ISP is Starhub too and after the last domination update, I could no longer stay log into the game while on 4G. I can log in but the spindle appears and I get kicked out about 2-3 minutes later. And all Activity I made in the games is lost