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    I think I'm playing the game wrong

    Will start googling how to cheat in this kind of game and buy $100-200 crowns for anti banning. If got banned then just ask for refund. I need 7 months to advance to IA and now I am so frustrating to see some cheater achieve that in just a day. Thank you NEXON for ruin this great game.
  2. J

    To the Moderators... Remember the 4 zeppelins at WW advertising. They are still not answering this..
  3. J

    War makes medals meaningless

    Just little bit? U are too kind sir.
  4. J

    War makes medals meaningless

    Seraphine please close this post for provocation post and unmature action.
  5. J

    War makes medals meaningless

    Nice to know that. I hope all the world will realize all your achievement. Doesn't UA are one of some alliance who used or still have cheaters. Most of UA player must be so rich for all the wall and general they have.
  6. J

    When Level 168 Players attack... Moderators please explain how can be there is 4 zeppelins on that advertising?
  7. J

    When Level 168 Players attack...

    Or perhaps 10 thousands dollar are to small.
  8. J

    When Level 168 Players attack...

    Seraphine if we need around 55days to max a general to level 30. So we need 275 days to max all the generals. So how can be some of the players able to have all the generals. We doesn't count any factory, war academy and barrack troops trainings. So logically if you are not rich and a legit...
  9. J

    Are the "topdominators" so desperate they come into your alliance recruiting troops?

    The only way to clean their name 👉 start a new account and play it fairly.
  10. J

    Elephant Archers in Action

    So you doesnt like if someone be unfair to you but proud if you be unfair to the others. Maybe your DP are really you.
  11. J

    Hey Nexon , Shame On

    At least return the lost medals..
  12. J

    Inspecting other players buildings / stats

    And I bet that 99.9999% all the max wall base don't achieved 3 stars robber baron.
  13. J

    Resource donating for alliance and soldier queue

    Then create a cheater account and normal account and start to transfer all the dirty resource to the legit account. This is will be a nice feature for cheater thanks for the idea..
  14. J

    Elephant Archers in Action

    Legit but unfair.
  15. J

    Elephant Archers in Action

    Is this fair? If someone can use this tactic at war and some player can't. Moderators please give all of us the same advantages at war. Ironangel Seraphine TimTrain
  16. J

    Cannot find an opponent anymore! Please fix game balance!

    Dominations when easier to swiming up to the waterfall then climb to 2800 medals range.
  17. J

    In game private chat please!!!

    We also need global chat and war chat.
  18. J

    Armor and Armor Piercing

    But remember how today AI works??
  19. J

    Best Gunpowder and Industrial Age Wonders

    What there is Taj Mahal and Tikal temple as a wonder?
  20. J

    Armor and Armor Piercing

    There is one problem with your idea. Nexon programer capability.