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  1. EternalRookie

    Players, what are your plans for Nexons future?

    Unfortunately, my plan is not in Nexon future :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
  2. EternalRookie

    Nuclear Age: Fact or Fiction?

    I wouldn't be surprised if next age is 1 year away. I would say at the very least 6 months.
  3. EternalRookie

    Stolen Crowns by Dominations

    Unfortunately, it is not simple math. It involves advanced theory of calculus and big data analysis with a pinch of chaos theory. In Nexon world, 1+1 is not equal to 2.
  4. EternalRookie

    DAY 375: Breaking Point

    Already said this earlier ... Dominations days are numbered. Bugs, terrible medal algorithm, etc etc....
  5. EternalRookie

    Paths to Dominations

    I am NOT a Domination addict. I am, however, an Age of Empire addict. Still play them today!
  6. EternalRookie

    Night scene and weather

    I rather see them spending the time to fix bugs than to add these "eye candy" features. Or spend the time to BAN and REMOVE all these cheater bases!
  7. EternalRookie

    New Blacksmith Event

    Discriminating event ... useless to those with fully upgraded barracks.
  8. EternalRookie

    The newest event is impossible to achieve

    This event needs plenty of time to complete but not impossible. I got the 150 wins in about 12hrs with French civ using lots of TB but training only 135 shock infantry (for fastest max troop regen) and several tactic blessings for protection and sabotage. That said, it was such a boring grind.
  9. EternalRookie

    Greece: The Nation of Suck

    But Greeks has the best TOGA! That is worth something, no?
  10. EternalRookie

    League rewards?

    Maybe someone else can help you put.. i am already at Dynasty ... no need to rehash below Dynasty:cool:
  11. EternalRookie

    League rewards?

    Nah... what's the fun in that? You keep pushing upwards and you will see higher league rewards.
  12. EternalRookie

    Another long time player leaving...

    I am thinking of going back to the good old classic ... Monopoly or Snake & Ladders board game instead .... absolutely ZERO bugs and internet connection is unnecessary! :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  13. EternalRookie

    League rewards?

    Try for Dynasty III (3200 medals). League rewards are 220K gold, 220K food and some oil :rolleyes:
  14. EternalRookie

    It's official the AI is broken AGAIN!

    Can't break what is already broken. It was never fixed before this.
  15. EternalRookie

    Dear IronAngel

    C'mon .. make space for another dude (for me) .. just have 48 girls instead :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  16. EternalRookie

    Post your best loot here ! :)

    My best loot always happens when my storage is all maxed :mad:
  17. EternalRookie

    What are your three base layout choices?

    err... not telling .. it is TOP SECRET !!!
  18. EternalRookie

    Oil well

    Oil is the close to Gold as the most valued commodity. Lots of upgrades will require lots of oil. It is just that oil well production pales when compared to the need. Best to loot oil for your needs.
  19. EternalRookie

    Practice Mode

    Force quit? We DOnt DO that.:rolleyes:
  20. EternalRookie

    Dear IronAngel

    Glitches are an equal opportunity occurrence to all alliances ... courtesy of BHG and perhaps not fully QA'ed software ;). In short, we all share the pains!